A charming resort in the Louron valley, Loudenvielle is centred around its picturesque man-made lake.

With plenty to nourish body and soul, the natural surroundings offer plenty in the way of hiking and walking trails, while the thermal spa, Balnéa, provides a soothing escape with its wellness offerings. The mountains that overlook the village are ideal for everything from skiing to mountain-biking and you can take in great views without even having to work up a sweat thanks to the cable car.

The village itself is home to attractive stone buildings, including a 12th-Century church, while the Arixo museum offers an insight into the area's culture and history.

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Plateau de Beille

Venture into the heart of the French Pyrenees with a visit to Plateau de Beille. These
spectacular natural surroundings are a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, from hikers to cyclists, who
revel in its breathtaking landscapes and invigorating mountain air.
During summer, the terrain springs to life with lush
greenery, wildflowers and the gentle hum of bees from the region's famous honey farms. While in winter, the plateau transforms into a pristine snowy playground, perfect for cross-country
skiing or snowshoeing adventures.
Experience the exhilaration of reaching the plateau's peak, where an awe-inspiring
panorama unfolds, highlighting a carpet of vibrant valleys and rugged mountain tops.
Whether you seek the thrill of high-altitude sports or yearn for a spot serenity amongst nature, the
Plateau de Beille is a beautiful, unspoilt sanctuary waiting to be explored. It's a
destination that ignites the imagination and invigorates the soul.

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