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Experience the opulent allure of Monaco, a playground for the world's elite. The sparkling waters of the Mediterranean and sun-kissed terraces paint a vivid picture of luxury that rivals any artist's palette. Monaco's streets echo with the roar of supercars, while its marina is a testament to human ambition, dotted with yachts that defy belief. Yet, beneath the glitz, lies a proud heritage. The Prince's Palace whispers tales of royal intrigue, while the Casino de Monte-Carlo stands as a monument to unbridled glamour and the promise of fortunes won or lost. Monaco is not just a destination, it's a statement - bold, provocative, and unashamedly authentic. Come, immerse yourself in Monaco's irresistible charm.

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Soak up the allure of the French Riviera in Nice, and enjoy a true feast for the senses. Set against a backdrop of azure waters and golden sunshine, this coastal gem captures the essence of seaside glamour.

The Old Town’s narrow streets are filled with historic charm, and at every turn you’ll find something fascinating, from stylish boutiques to bustling local markets. A stroll along the iconic Promenade des Angles is a must, but to see the city from a different angle, ascend to the Colline du Château, where panoramic views frame Nice's eclectic architecture against the stunning coastline.

Whether basking on sparkling beaches, savouring the scents of fresh produce at the vibrant Cours Saleya market, or exploring the city's cultural richness, Nice promises an enchanting escape. Whether you’re looking to dive into the culture or just get away from it all and relax, Nice is a truly inspirational destination, where every experience is bathed in the warmth of Mediterranean charm.

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