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On the French side of the Pyrenees mountains, reaching towards the Atlantic ocean, discover nature at its finest. From the snow-topped ski slopes and majestic waterfalls, to rugged hiking trails and vast stretches of greenery. Whether you choose snow sports, dry land of water-based activities, this invigorating area has plenty to offer adventurers throughout the year. Between the peaks and rivers, you'll find charming French towns steeped in history and local culture. The region's capital, Pau, home to an imperial Château and several museums, is a highlight for lovers of architecture and fine arts. Nearby Tarbes offers something for more modern history buffs, surrounded by equally splendid gardens and riverways.


5 things you must see in the French Pyrenees

1.  The picturesque town of Pau        
2.  Panoramic views from the Pic du Midi   
3.  The parks and gardens of Tarbes
4.  Pilgrimage site, Lourdes, its grotto and basilicas
5.  UNESCO World Heritage site, Cirque de Gavarnie

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