Overlooked by the imposing Château Saint-Étienne, Aurillac is a charming town found amid the scenic landscapes of Auvergne.

The town's narrow winding streets are filled with interesting shops, and a number of medieval houses can be found throughout Aurillac. A large number of historic monuments can be found around Aurillac, however, it remains a vibrant cultural centre today too with a dance theatre and annual street theatre and gastronomic festivals.

Nature lovers can follow the road from the town through the Jordanne and Authre river valleys, and in the summer explore the Jordanne gorges, while a volcano museum can be found in the Château. The Auvergne volcano park is also just a short drive outside town, offering plenty of stunning views and breathtaking landscapes to take in.

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Sitting across the picturesque Lot River, Villeneuve-sur-Lot offers historic charm and alluring scenery.
Wander across its well-preserved 13th-Century bridge and you'll discover a wealth of notable sights in the old town.

Among the highlights are the Sainte-Catherine church, a modern building which houses 14th and 15th-Century stained glass, and the towers which form the remnants of the town's historic fortifications. Meanwhile the central Place Lafayette offers plenty of side streets to explore.

The town has a rich agricultural heritage, which can be best experienced at its twice weekly market. The chapel of Notre Dame is also a key point in the Villeneuve-sur-Lot's history, while its culture can be explored at the art museum at the Gajac mill.

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