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As beautiful as it is historic, the seaside village of Gruissan offers a stunningly picturesque spot on the Mediterranean coast.

Centred around the Barberousse Tower, the village has been designed in a distinctive circular fashion. Originally for defensive purposes, the winding streets now make Gruissan a fascinating place to explore.

In the surrounding area you'll find striking sights like the pink lakes of Gruissan's saltworks, as well as a number of vineyards. The village's markets are filled with fresh local produce, and while visiting, you should make sure to try some of the region's exceptional seafood, as well as specialties like pine nut tart.

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Embrace the allure of Nîmes, a city where history unfolds amidst sun-drenched landscapes. You are invited to wander through historic streets, where Roman remnants stand side by side with contemporary cafes. The Arena of Nîmes, an ancient amphitheater, echoes with tales of gladiator duels, transporting you to a bygone era.

Bustling markets offer a sensory extravaganza, with local produce and artisanal crafts creating a vibrant tapestry. Ascend the Tour Magne for panoramic views that extend from the city's Roman past to its modern vitality. And be sure to step into the Maison Carrée to experience a marvel of Roman architecture, encapsulating Nîmes' cultural heritage.

Whether exploring the Jardins de la Fontaine or sipping on local wines in the Place aux Herbes, Nîmes is a celebration of the South of France's rich tapestry. As day turns to dusk, its ancient monuments are bathed in a warm glow, creating an enchanting ambiance. Nîmes, where the past meets the present, promises an immersive journey through Provence's sun-kissed landscapes.

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