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The Tour de France: a monument of the world sport with unique sports offers of hospitality. To live on the Tour de France and nowhere else …

Helicopter flight / Treat your guests to an exceptional day thanks to a unique programme that includes access to the Tour de France Start Village, a helicopter flight and a direct view over the riders’ finish, in a VIP bus.

The « Relais-Etape » / Spend a day at the heart of the Tour de France in a reception area with a friendly ambiance. Ideally situated, the “RelaisÉtape” has a privileged location on the course.

Arrival – Champs-Elysées / Your guests will have a front seat to experience the enthusiastic final finish of the Tour de France.


Valérie Silberstein| vsilberstein@aso.fr
Didier Durin ddurin@aso.fr

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