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Come and see the majestic scenery of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the largest region of France.
Where rolling countryside meets traditional towns and villages, visitors can expect picture-perfect views and experience the diverse history of this region
Top of your list should be the port city of Bordeaux: the largest urban World Heritage Site and home to notable landmarks and museums servicing a variety of interests. Inland, less crowded Limoges offers equally charming streets dotted with galleries, food markets and antique shops. Nouvelle-Aquitaine is well known for its variety of products, from porcelain to meats and cheese and, of course, wine! A trip to the country's famous vineyards is an unmissable experience - whether to sample the local produce or simply take in the landscape and grand chateaux, typical of the area. Visiting this region is a true taste of France. 

Top 5 things to do:

1. Explore Bordeaux's old quarter  
2. Discover one of France's top wine regions 
3. Get cultural at a museum 
4. Stroll the historic streets of Limoges 
5. Sample local delicacies at a food market

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