Christian Prudhomme's comment

The sprinter having captured the Yellow Jersey the previous day will be in a tricky situation as soon as the climb up to the Col de la Colmiane and will then have to face the steep turns heading to the Col de Turini and eventually head up to the Col d’Eze. A mountain stage with two passages at over 1,500m as soon as the second day of the race, that’s a grande première.

Sport Side

Road Kilometers Schedules Local Time
From the finish From the start 39km/h 41km/h 43km/h

Col de la Colmiane

Km 46.5 - 1500m 16,3kilometre-long climb at 6.3%

Col de Turini

Km 83.5 - 1607m 14,9kilometre-long climb at 7.4%

Col d'Èze

Km 144.5 - 490m 7,8kilometre-long climb at 6.1%

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