Since 1930, "la Caravane pulicitaire" has been part of the show that the Tour de France puts on. This festive and creative opening parade precedes the pack of cyclists to the utmost delight of Tour de France fans lining the roadsides.
For two hours, the Tour de France and its partners put on a show, hand out many gifts and strive to be the most creative to surprise the millions of fans wating for the riders to pass by!

A responsible Caravan

All the partners distribute promotional gifts that are useful and made of recycled and/or recyclable materials. Food gifts have also met the challenge of having packaging mainly made of paper or recyclable plastic.
In certain “Natura 2000” nature protection areas, national parks or nature reserves, etc., distribution of gifts by the caravan is completely forbidden.
Sound equipment may be turned off so as not to disturb sensitive animal species.

Best-Of/Highlights Caravane 2022

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"La Caravane du Tour de France", in a few words: 

  • A continuous show lasting more than 30 minutes
  • A show stretching 10 km
  • 30 brands represented
  • 4 safety information cars at the front and rear of the Caravan
  • 12 republican guard riders and 4 dispatch bikers to control the Caravan
  • 3 medical vehicles…

Watch the caravan go by and cheer on your favourite riders but do not forget the essential safety rules!

  • Stay on the roadside and off the road
  • Do not cross the road and do not leave your children unattended
  • Gifts are distributed on either side of the road
  • Remain watchful after the caravan passes by, other vehicles will be coming along the route
  • Respect the Tour's eco-responsible commitments and do not drop litter on the roadside
  • Do not run alongside the riders and do not push them
  • Selfies and autographs are not authorised

 Memories of what you have seen are good enough to make sure that the Tour stays fun!

Riders Safety Is In our Hands