Christian Prudhomme's comment

“At last” might say the relieved enthusiasts of what is also known as the “Bugey pyramid” who had been requiring a summit finish there for quite some time. And it’ll almost be an entire climb of the Grand Colombier that will be organised for this 15th stage with indeed three of the four access roads covered. The final climb of the mountain, the one where it won’t be possible to hide will start in Culoz. The battle promises to be intense on the eve of the second rest day!

Sport Side

Road Kilometers Schedules Local Time
From the finish From the start 39km/h 41km/h 43km/h

Montée de la Selle de Fromentel

Km 100.5 - 1174m 11,1kilometre-long climb at 8.1%

Col de la Biche

Km 120.5 - 1325m 6,9kilometre-long climb at 8.9%

Grand Colombier

Km 157.5 - 1501m 17,4kilometre-long climb at 7.1%

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