Commentary from Christian Prudhomme

The route never climbs very high, but the physical demands on the riders will be almost unceasing as they race from Saint-Étienne to Mende. This trek through the departments of Loire, Haute-Loire and Lozère will push the most robust riders into action. Then, on the Jalabert Montée de la Croix Neuve leading up to the airfield above Mende, there’s likely to be two battles: the first between the breakaway riders and the second for the overall favourites.

Sport Side

Road Kilometers Schedules Local Time
From the finish From the start 39km/h 41km/h 43km/h

MENDE (La Croix Neuve - montée Laurent Jalabert)

Km 193.5 3kilometre-long climb at 10.2%


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