Despite the fact that Ferdi Kübler conquered in 1954 the first of his five Tour stage wins in Millau, it was in 2004 that the préfecture of Aveyron claimed its worldwide notoriety with the unveiling of its viaduct that remains the highest on earth. The peloton has since then had the opportunity to salute the concrete giant on several occasions, riding along the Tarn river that it passes over, at an altitude of 230m. This time, the competitors will have the privilege of actually riding under the viaduct.

The lighting up of the city, a fireworks show attracting over 500 000 people each year on the evening of the 14th of July, will be even more impressive as it coincides in 2018 with the 20th anniversary of it becoming a UNESCO World heritage site. Among the riders who put Carcassonne on fire, Jean Stablinski had triumphed in 1962, between a stage success on the Vuelta that he had finished in 6th spot, a French national champion’s title and of course his crowning at the World Championships.

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