267,000 children have already taken their first pedal strokes in the slipstream of the Tour since the launch of Riding into the Future in 2017.

"Little Riders" has bolstered this commitment since 2021 with a view to helping 30,000 children from 6 to 12 to take their first pedal strokes every year based on the educational content of the Savoir Rouler à Vélo ("How to Ride a Bike") programme. These introductions take place through three main channels:

- the host towns and cities, which run training sessions directly in schools;

- the French Cycling Federation, which introduces 10,000 children to cycling as a means of transport every year thanks to the support provided by the Tour de France within the framework of a sponsorship agreement; and

- directly in the Tour, on the occasion of certain stages* in the Ateliers du Tour, which run several activities together with the French Cycling Federation and the French Federation of Bicycle Users:

  • learning to ride;
  • 3 learning tracks: balance bikes, MTB, How to Ride a Bike;
  • how to repair bicycles;
  • keeping bicycles safe (Bicycode anti-theft engraving);
  • appointments for cycling refresher courses with a local association;
  • learning safety tips and the rules of the road with the French Road Safety Authority;
  • choosing the right bicycle;

Finally, in 2023 the Tour de France will be donating 1,000 balance bikes to preschools in its host towns and cities so that as many children as possible can use the best option for learning to keep their balance on two wheels and later ensure a seamless transition to regular bicycles.

* In 2023, the Ateliers du Tour will be held on the occasion of the stages in Bilbao (29 June to 1 July), Bordeaux (6 and 7 July), Clermont-Ferrand (10 to 12 July) and Bourg-en-Bresse (19 and 20 July).