A highly technical fabric made specifically for each zone and an anatomic fit ensure excellent ventilation and the jersey’s adhesion to the body during physical exertion. The sleeves, which are in a mix of supple elastane and are seamless, also contribute to the riders’ comfort. Finishing just below the triceps, they eliminate any pressure points, for better blood circulation in the arms.

Air circulation is maximised thanks to a full zip and two ventilation panels on the back, one of which is a triangle shape in ultra-breathable 3D mesh on the bottom of the neck, the other soldered to the first, in aerated micro-mesh, this time covering the whole of the back. Each element efficiently regulates the riders’ body temperature in line with the weather conditions and thus minimises energy expenditure.

Comfort and aerodynamics, which are two priorities for the riders, are provided by a non-irritant flat seam construction and through the application of a silicone strip on the bottom of the jersey, elastic on the back and polyurethane strips on the bottom of the sleeves, for perfect hold.