Tourtel Twist to continue to add zest to the Tour de France

As a partner of the Tour de France since 2022, Tourtel Twist continues the venture through 2026.

In just two years, the Tourtel Twist caravan has become one of the Grande Boucle's most popular and will continue entertaining spectators along the roadsides.

For the 2024 edition, Tourtel Twist will again feature an ambitious programme focusing on fun and a friendly atmosphere!

20/07/2022 - Tour de France 2022 - Etape 17 - Saint-Gaudens / Peyragudes (129,7km) - Caravane publicitaire
20/07/2022 - Tour de France 2022 - Etape 17 - Saint-Gaudens / Peyragudes (129,7km) - Caravane publicitaire © A.S.O./Romain Laurent

Tourtel Twist extends its partnership with the Tour de France through 2026. Arriving in the 2022 Tour de France, Brasseries Kronenbourg's No. 1 brand of alcohol-free beers with fruit juices was an instant hit with the public. With its friendly, gourmet caravan and a team of dynamic, engaging caravanners, Tourtel Twist has won over spectators and become one of the most popular caravans on the Tour.  

The public voted the Tourtel Twist caravan as its second favourite in its first year in 2022. In 2023, it won second prize for spectators' favourite goodies. Bolstered by these results and determined to continue its development and raise its profile, the No. 1 brand of alcohol-free beers with fruit juice has decided to extend its contract with the Tour de France through 2026. 2024 promises to be another colourful and festive year for the Tourtel Twist teams. Along the Tour de France's 3,492 kilometres, Tourtel Twist caravanners will hand out more than 400,000 cans of the three flavours: lemon, pineapple and lime, pineapple and lime with notes of mojito-style mint, as well as 100,000 sun hats. All opportunities to toast with the public and provide great times of conviviality.  

The caravan, with its giant fruits and bottles, consists of six vehicles over a length of 192 metres. With its colours and atmosphere, it certainly stands out from the crowd! The apérovélo is also back at the finish of nine stages. The aim is to offer an unforgettable moment to the lucky people, selected by radio quizzes or on the side of the road, who will pedal across the finish line toasting the Tour de France. It is a unique and incredible moment they won't soon forget!  

Led by 30 caravanners who are proud to represent the Tourtel Twist colours and who have become a genuine group of friends over the years, the Tourtel Twist initiative offers unique moments of sharing and emotion.  

The apérovélo stages:
- 3 July: Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne > Saint-Vulbas
- 4 July: Mâcon > Dijon
- 7 July: Troyes > Troyes
- 9 July: Orléans > Saint-Amand-Montrond
- 10 July: Évaux-les-Bains > Le Lioran
- 11 July: Aurillac > Villeneuve-sur-Lot
- 12 July: Agen > Pau
- 16 July: Gruissan > Nîmes
- 18 July: Gap > Barcelonnette  

Anders Roed, CEO Brasseries Kronenbourg:
"We are delighted that Tourtel Twist can continue to connect with spectators at the Tour de France. It's a highly effective partnership for our brand, bringing people together around a convivial and sporting occasion."  

Christian Prudhomme, Director of the Tour de France:
"The Tour de France and Tourtel Twist are united in this spirit of friendliness and celebration. The cheerfulness shared by all the teams contributes greatly to the party that the Grande Boucle should be. I do not doubt that the activities devised by Tourtel Twist will appeal to the crowds lining the roads!"

From left to right: Julien Goupil, Director of Media and Partnerships at A.S.O.; Anders Roed, CEO of Brasseries Kronenbourg; Christian Prudhomme, Director of the Tour de France.

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