Jasper Philipsen: "We felt like race cars"

 "Caleb [Ewan] was right next to me. I wasn't too confident. He almost caught up with me at the end, it was really nerve-wracking. I'm extremely proud to have won twice in a row. The finish was super fast, we felt like race cars. There were wide turns that sometimes tightened, it was extremely fast, but we had some grip with the tyres. I'm really glad I didn't hit the deck. I saw there were a lot of falls. I hope the guys are okay. This morning, we had a briefing and looked at the course in detail. Our goal was to do our best. The sprint stages are our top priority, so we dot all the Is and cross all the Ts. You also need some luck, but when you have someone like Mathieu with you, even in a difficult situation where everything is on a razor edge, he manages to bring us back to the front. My goal in this Tour was to win a stage. We already ticked that box yesterday. Now, we want more. And we want to go for the points. [The green jersey] will be a target in this Tour."

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