It’s sometimes forgotten that the Union sportive dacquoise, whose rugby players have reached the final of the French championship on five occasions, was born almost 120 years ago as the result of a merger with the Vélo Club dacquois. This sporting factory also produced André Darrigade, winner of 22 stages of the Tour de France between 1953 and 1964. The “Landes greyhound” was particularly keen to win in Bordeaux in the middle of the 1958 edition so that he could ride into Dax the next day wearing the Yellow Jersey. Having achieved this, the great sprinter of the post-war period received a welcome worthy of the famous Dax festivities on home ground.

  • Stage town for the seventh time
  • Sub-prefecture of Landes (40)
  • Population: 21,000 (Dacquois and Dacquoises), 55,700 within the 20 communes comprising the Greater Dax municipality

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