Sam Bennett: "I never thought I'd win here with the green jersey!"

“I can’t tell you how I feel, standing here as a winner with the green jersey on the Champs-Elysées. This is the world championship of the sprinters. I never thought I’d win this stage, so to win it in the green jersey, it’s fantastic! I’m part of a dream team. It’s just such an amazing feeling. The suffering in the mountains was worth it. It took me so long to get here, I’m going to enjoy every moment of this victory. It was a really fast and technical finale. I’ve been nervous when we went back to the front. Then the boys destroyed the race, they were first after the tunnel and I thought it was too early. Trek came but we had each side covered. There was a bit of a head wind, we let them go first, then I opened up. Stuyven came to the front for Pedersen. I thought somebody would pass me. I can’t believe I’ve won it.”

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