In the Middle Ages, the town built on a cliff in the Alzou valley attracted large numbers of pilgrims, who came to pray to the Black Madonna, who performed miracles and watched over the relics of Saint-Amadour. The village gained notoriety much later on among a new following with the release of Gérard Blanchard’s hit Rock Amadour. On the cycling front, the 2020 edition of the Route d’Occitanie, which marked the resumption of racing activity after a period of strict confinement, featured a stage finish in Rocamadour. Benoît Cosnefroy emerged as the most explosive rider on the formidable final climb to the basilica and castle.

  • First-time stage town
  • Commune in Lot (46)
  • Population: 630 (Amadouriens and Amadouriennes), 47,300 in the 77 communes comprising the Causses et Vallée de la Dordogne municipality, 174,000 in Lot

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