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Céret inspired Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris who made it the “Mecca of cubism” and their master-pieces are among the gems of the magnificent modern art museum. Céret is also the native town of two great French champions: former rugby player and captain of France, Guilhem Guirado, and five-time Olympic biathlon champion, Martin Fourcade. And Céret is at the bottom of a long descent from the Col d'Ares where Jan Janssen managed to catch Roger Pingeon and Franco Bitossi before finally triumphing at Canet-Plage, starting his comeback towards final victory on the 1968 Tour.

Stage city for the 1st time 
Sous-préfecture of Pyrénées-Orientales (66) 
Inhabitants: 7,800 (Cérétans), 20,700 in the 10 commons of the Communauté de communes du Vallespir


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