Candidacy for the label is open to all cities that have hosted the Tour de France at least once since its creation in 1903.

Céret inspired Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris who made it the “Mecca of cubism” and their master-pieces are among the gems of the magnificent modern art museum. Céret is also the native town of two great French champions: former rugby player and captain of France, Guilhem Guirado, and five-time Olympic biathlon champion, Martin Fourcade. And Céret is at the bottom of a long descent from the Col d'Ares where Jan Janssen managed to catch Roger Pingeon and Franco Bitossi before finally triumphing at Canet-Plage, starting his comeback towards final victory on the 1968 Tour.

Stage city for the 1st time 
Sous-préfecture of Pyrénées-Orientales (66) 
Inhabitants: 7,800 (Cérétans), 20,700 in the 10 commons of the Communauté de communes du Vallespir


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