From 27 June to 20 September, the Tour de France United is calling upon the community of cycling fans to support a series of actions whose aim is to promote cycling, especially in response to the constraints imposed by the health crisis.

To put smiles on the faces of children and make a real impact on the daily lives of underprivileged people, the Tour de France will be donating 1,500 bicycles to several partner organisations, both in France and abroad!

A big bicycle drive will also be organised in the towns and cities hosting the Tour de France in September for the benefit of Emmaüs. The goal is to give 5,000 bicycles a new lease on life.

In order to give French fans an extra motivation, the Tour de France will donate €30 to the organisation for each bicycle to give them a future on two wheels. Want to donate your bicycle right away? Click the "Emmaüs" button below to find the Emmaüs community in France nearest to you.
In addition to this direct, massive pledge, the Tour de France is counting on you to support the movement by relaying our call for donations!

Ride for a cause with us!

Tour de France united: the summer of cycling

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