Tadej Pogacar: "It was great to feel good after days of suffering"

"Today I finally felt like myself again. It was in really good from start to finish. It was great to feel good again after many days suffering and to pull off a stage win. I could continue for one more week [giggles], but nah, let’s go home. I was waiting for Adam [Yates] to come back because I know him and he could lead me out super well. Thanks to him, I was less nervous coming into the final and winning was a bit easier. I was super happy that the team did such a great job once again. I think the atmosphere in the bus every day will be my best memory of this Tour de France. The worst, every time that Marc Soler looked at me as I was suffering on his wheel while climbing the Col de la Loze. His gaze was the most terrifying moment! [laughs]"

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