Fabio Jakobsen: "Thank you Denmark for the warm welcome"

“Today it’s “incroyable”, as we would say in French. It’s been a long process step by step [to come back after his life-threatening crash in 2020], a lot of people have helped me come back so this victory is here to pay them back. I’m happy I still enjoy racing and I can win [after what happened]. The team kept me in good position in front at the end of the bridge. Michael Morkov dropped me wheel in the wheel of Wout van Aert. Then I was next to Peter Sagan. We touched each other but luckily we stayed up right and I could pass the other two rivals. I’m happy to win. My legs were in pain, but this is what we train for. For 15 years I’ve been dreaming of this and I want to say a big thanks to Denmark for the warm welcome and the encouragements.”

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