All towns and cities that have hosted the Tour de France and the Tour de France Femmes avec ZWIFT at least once since the creation of these two events are eligible.

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Michael Woods: "My ego is a bit bruised by the crash"

"I’m not disappointed. I’m happy to be on the jersey. The only thing I whine about...

10/07 - 18:05

Mark Cavendish: "No problem to reach the finish"

"It’s amazing: everyone is tired on the bunch, yet there were guys going and going…...

10/07 - 18:03

Tadej Pogacar; "We are in a better position than before the stage"

"I wasn’t really concerned about Guillaume Martin. We now we can’t allow him too...

10/07 - 18:02

Bauke Mollema: "I was very confident"

“It’s super nice. It was a super hard day. It took 90km until the breakaway went....

10/07 - 17:21

Top 5

1. Bauke Mollema

2. Konrad at 1'04''

3. Higuita

4. Cattaneo

5. Woods


10/07 - 17:02

Bauke Mollema wins stage 14 in Quillan

Bauke Mollema salutes as he wins stage 14 solo.

10/07 - 16:56

Mollema celebrates before winning

Mollema savours, he's gonna win.

10/07 - 16:54

G. Martin to move up to second overall?

2km to go for Mollema, 1'25'' ahead of Guillaume Martin. Peloton at 6'20'' led by UAE. Martin...

10/07 - 16:53

Quillan, the home of France's oldest post-Tour criterium

Quillan is famous in cycling for its post-Tour criterium on August 15 every year since 1938,...

10/07 - 16:52

First time at Quillan

Quillan is the fourth (and last) unprecedented finishing town this year, after Landerneau (stage...

10/07 - 16:51

5km left for Mollema

Mollema remains at the front with 5km to go.

10/07 - 16:50

Mollema in the last 10km

Bauke Mollema remains composed in the downhill to Quillan. 1'15'' lead over the first chasers.


10/07 - 16:44

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