This year, and for the first time, Le Tour de France et his main partner LCL give pride to the Yellow Jersey trough a contest between the eight stage-cities of 2021 Grand Départ Bretagne.

Maxoo – the official mascot of the Tour de France

Maxoo – la mascotte du Tour de France

From a young age, MAX loved to explore the roads, valleys and summits by bike as he travelled to pick up his father. Together they would sit and watch the sun, as MAX listened to his father’s marvellous stories. As a result, he developed extraordinary cycling skills…

One day, the Tour de France came to town. Initially, it was the delightful surprise that captured MAXOO’s attention, from the cluster of motorhomes setting up by the side of the road to the procession of klaxons and happy laughter. But when he saw the Tour de France structures being set up, with the emblem of a cyclist on a bicycle with a sun wheel rising into the sky, he was struck by a revelation! The next day, when the winner of the stage crossed the finish line in his yellow leader’s jersey to the sound of a cheering crowd won over by his courage and determination, MAXOO’s conversion was complete; he instantly became a lifelong fan!

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