Mark Cavendish: "I hope my wins inspire kids"

"What a day. I am so dead after having raced 220 kilometres in that heat, in that wind - and what a finish! I was so on the limit in the end, but I had to sprint because of how much the guys had worked for me. The finish line was slightly uphill. [Iván García] Cortina went and I hoped for [Michael] Morkov to bring him back, because I had lost some ground on that last right-hand turn. During the sprint, I was a bit worried because the commissaries had warned me I had headbutt Bouhanni on one of the first stages, so I was trying not to use my head and not to lean towards anyone during the sprint. For me, this is just another stage win on the Tour de France. It feels the same as the first one. I still don’t realise this is a special one because of the record. Just a kid’s dream comes true after a lot of hard work. If one of my victories can inspire ten children to take on cycling and maybe race the Tour de France on the future, that’s what will matter the most to me."

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