06/26 > 07/18/2021

Cadets-Juniors: a taste of the Tour de France

Some riders like Pierre Rolland or Arnaud Démare took their first steps on the Tour de France with the “Cadets-Juniors”, long before joining the professional pack and winning prestigious stages. With the same enthusiasm, young cyclists – four cadets and four juniors from clubs from the region visited – are invited to ride the first 30 and last 30 kilometres of each stage two hours ahead of the main race.

As Continental Cadets-Juniors, the young riders are not only dressed in limited edition jerseys with the Continental logo, but they are also riding on brand new GP5000 tyres with the BlackChili compound out of Korbach, Germany. The support vehicles which provide assistance and logistics will also be fitted with special edition PremiumContact 6 tyres. After an exciting race, the young cyclists enjoy a podium ceremony like the professionals in which they receive a medal and then watch the conclusion of the stage from the stands at the finishing line.

Les Cadets Juniors Ride The Tour de France

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