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Stage town for the third time Capital of a canton in Meurthe-et-Moselle (54)
Population: 8,000 (Tomblainois, Tomblainoises)
Specialities: mirabelle plums, bergamots
Personalities: Marcel Picot (entrepreneur), Michel Platini (football), Mathieu De Dombasle (inventor of the modern plough), Gilbert Bauvin (cycling, 2nd in the 1956 Tour), Anne-Sophie Mathis (boxing).
Sport: Tomblaine Basket Club (women's pre-national), Stade Marcel Picot, Stade Raymond Petit. Economy: Nancy-Essey airport, tertiary sector, commerce.
Festivals: Tomblaine theatre festival (May), Tempo (music, June), Automne des Arts (art fair, October)
Labels: Child-friendly town. 
Websites / FB: www.tomblaine.fr / www.grandnancy.eu www.meurthe-et-moselle.fr / www.grandest.fr/ / @villedetomblaine

© Ville de Tomblaine
© Ville de Tomblaine


Pelé, Platini and Maradona together   

Each of them left their mark on their own era, but it was in Tomblaine, and nowhere else, that Pelé, Diego Maradona and Michel Platini found themselves together in a football stadium. The town near Nancy is home to the Marcel Picot stadium, home of AS Nancy-Lorraine, where Michel Platini started out and where he celebrated his jubilee on 23 May 1988. It was on this occasion that the Frenchman rubbed shoulders with the Brazilian and the Argentine, arguably the two best players of all time (although fans of Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi might dispute this!)  That Marcel Picot pitch (named after a former president of AS Nancy-Lorraine) "Platoche" played on it from the start of his professional career, since the boy from Joeuf signed his first contract with Nancy after being turned down by FC Metz for "respiratory insufficiency"! Platini stayed with Nancy for seven seasons before joining Saint-Etienne and then Juventus. But it was in Tomblaine that he bid his farewell to his playing career. The stadium, inaugurated in 1926, was originally called Parc des Sports du Pont d'Essey and was renamed in 1963. The stadium, which welcomed more than 30,000 spectators for a Nancy - Saint-Etienne match in 1976, now has a capacity of 20,000. It was also at Marcel Picot that Arsène Wenger made his real debut as a professional coach in 1984.  

Platini, Pelé, Maradona au Stade Marcel Picot le 23 mai 1988 © Pressesports/Pierre Lablatinière


Gilbert Bauvin: the man who should have won the Tour! 

Roger Walkowiak, winner of the 1956 Tour, is often presented as the most unexpected winner in the history of the Grande Boucle. His runner-up that year would have made an equally surprising winner, but probably less "questionable". Gilbert Bauvin, born in nearby Lunéville, had already held the Yellow Jersey in two Tours de France and won two stages in 1954. He also had two top ten finishes. He was André Darrigade's team-mate in the French team, but he couldn't do anything for his leader, who was dropped in the 7th stage and found himself more than 18 minutes adrift in the GC. Ideally placed, Gilbert Bauvin crashed on the descent of the col de Latrape, but his team-mates, in charge of preparing the sprint for Darrigade, hadn't been able to do anything for him. Or else? Gilbert Bauvin, whose daughter lives in Tomblaine, would perhaps be present at the start of this stage as a former winner! Tomblaine has twice been used as a springboard for stages to the Vosges, in 2012, for the first ascent of La Planche des Belles Filles and the victory of Chris Froome, and then in 2014, when Blel Kadri won in Gerardmer. 

Blel Kadri © Pressesports/Frederic Mons
Gilbert Bauvin © PRESSESPORTS


Marcel Picot Stadium

Founded: 1926
Characteristics: 20,087-seat stadium
History: built in 1926, it was extended and modernised in 1973 and again from 1999 to 2003. It was supposed to be rebuilt for Euro 2016 to increase its capacity to 32,000, but the project was abandoned due to a lack of funds.
Special features: AS Nancy-Lorraine's stadium has been named after a former club president since 1963.  

Sensitive Natural Area

Located on the right bank of the Meurthe, a stone's throw from Tomblaine town centre, the Foulon and Encensoir islands represent a real green lung in the heart of the Greater Nancy Metropolis. These 17 hectares have been classified as a Sensitive Natural Area and aim to preserve an exceptional fauna (144 animal species) and flora.  

Nancy-Essey Aeronautics Museum

A collection of restored aircraft, due in part to transfers from the Ministry of Defence. The collections are devoted almost exclusively to the history of jet fighter aviation from 1948 to 1984.  

Place des Arts

The municipality places art and culture at the heart of the city, which is how the Place des Arts was born. A public space inhabited by diverse works of great quality: Les Girouettes by Philippe Hiquily (a world-renowned artist whose works can be found at MoMA in New York and in Shanghai following the 2010 Universal Exhibition), Les Meneuses d'Art by Véronique Didierlaurent, La Girafe bienveillante by Jean No, etc.  

Espace Jean Jaurès

The Espace Jean Jaurès is a socio-cultural and sports venue available to Tomblaine's many dynamic associations. It is a place of training and a breeding ground for young talent, both cultural and sporting. The Espace Jean Jaurès hosts major popular events: Rencontres Théâtrales de Tomblaine (Aux Actes Citoyens), the Kizomba Festival, the Batucada, the Tempo music school, dance associations, etc.  

The Tomblaine Farm

In the heart of Tomblaine, the farm is the last one still in activity in Lorraine in an urban environment. The only building that has been able to withstand the onslaught, it has its origins in the Renaissance period. It was the property of the de Wendel family, of Cerf Beer (a politician and philanthropist who inspired Balzac for his character in the Comédie Humaine, Baron d'Aldrigger), and then of the Empire Marshall Gabriel Jean Joseph Molitor. Pasteur stayed and worked on his project to pasteurise milk on this farm for several years.  

Beach of the two shores

In 2021, the Greater Nancy Metropolis has created a space for relaxation, sports and cultural activities for the summer period. On both sides of the banks of the Meurthe on the Nancy and Tomblaine sides, all activities are free. Nearly 40,000m² of natural areas are dedicated to swimming and leisure activities.

© Ville de Tomblaine
© Ville de Tomblaine
© Ville de Tomblaine
© Creative Commons 3.0
© Ville de Tomblaine


The Nancy macaroon  

The real Macaroon of Nancy owes its fame to the secret of two nuns from the community of the Ladies of the Blessed Sacrament of Nancy. According to the legend peddled by the Maison des Sœurs Macarons pastry shop, the two nuns, Elisabeth Morlot and Suzanne Gillot, who were expelled from their convent, which was closed down by the Revolution in 1793, continued to make macaroons for a living according to the recipe of their order. They were thus obeying the precepts of Saint Teresa of Avila, according to whom almonds are recommended for sisters who do not eat meat. It is this "authentic recipe" that has been the object of research by pastry chefs, cooks and confectioners in Nancy for four centuries, but whose secret is jealously guarded by Nicolas Génot, the pastry chef at the Maison des Sœurs Macarons. This tasty treat is made only from a delicate mixture of egg whites, sugar and almonds from Provence, which makes it the Macaroon faithful to tradition.  

"The Macaron, a French confection in itaas truly authentic form. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, without any buttercream in the middle, these are traditional French almond macarons, of the style often referred to as Macaron de Nancy. Here th © Getty/stocknshares

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