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Chef-lieu de canton of Haute-Saône (70)

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Population: 8,500 (Lurons)

Celebrities: Georges Colomb aka Christophe (Lure 1856-1945, cartoonist, author of Les facéties du sapeur Camember), Thibaut Pinot (cycling), Alain Perrin (football), Eric Kayser (founder of Kayser bakeries, more than 100 shops in the world).

Specialties: potée comtoise, cancoillotte (melted cheese), Luxeuil ham, craquelés lurons (biscuits), griottines from Fougerolles, trésor des Ballons (pastry created by chefs from the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park)

Culture: birthday festival of Sapeur Camember (every February 29, parade), Au pied des murs (May, street art biennal), Franches conteries (June, tale biennal festival), Musique et mémoire Festival. (July, baroque music)

Sport: 40 clubs and more than 3,000 members, including HBC Lure-Villers (handball, National 2). Events: Archery championship (January), French boxing championship (February), Trail du sapeur (May), JP Thomas Challenge (October, judo), Sebastien Carrey Challenge (December, football). Cycling Club: Vélo Club Luron, Cyclo Club Luron

Economy: Vetoquinol (pharmaceutical products for animals), Faurecia (automobile sub-contractor), CF2P (wood panels), Val’Air (automatic sweeping and cleaning machines)

Website: www.lure.fr

Community of communes and tourism office:

© Ville de Lure
© Creative Commons 4.0/A.BourgeoisP
© Creative Commons 4.0/A.BourgeoisP
© Olivier Vincent
© Olivier Vincent


Georges Colomb and Sapeur Camember

Georges Colomb was born in Lure on May 25, 1856. A graduate in Arts and Sciences in the 1870s, he became an auxiliary teacher at the Lycée Saint-Louis in Paris. Forced to find additional resources necessary to support his family, Colomb became an illustrator and then a comics book writer. From 1890, he signed his drawings Christophe. He is a deeply original cartoonist by the reliability of his drawings and also by the expressiveness of his characters: Sapeur Camember, from Lure, scholar Cosinus, from Paris, the Fenouillard family ...

Sapeur Camember was born on February 29, 1844 in the imaginary village of Gleux-lès-Lure. He can only celebrate his birthday every four years, and is therefore mobilised from his fifth birthday ... The sapper represents the brave and naive young country man, confronted with all kinds of hilarious situations. Georges Colomb having already been honoured with a statue during his lifetime, in Myons (Doubs) in 1934, Sapeur Camember was chosen by the Lure population to have his own statue in town. Every February 29, a quadrennial party is organized in Lure to celebrate the birthday of its emblematic character.

© Olivier Vincent


The final time trial will look like a real lap of honour for Thibaut Pinot, who will start from his birthplace before riding for 35 km of roads he knows better than the palm of his hands. His hometown of Melisey, whose mayor is his father, lies only 10 km away from Lure. Known for fictional character Sapeur Camember, Lure, a stronghold of Nordic skiing, has never held a Tour de France stage and has only hosted a stage of the 2012 women’s Route de France and a stage of the Tour de Franche-Comté in 2010. Lure is also a regular fixture of the Tour de Haute-Saône, an amateur race won in 2008 by… Thibaut Pinot.

Thibaut Pinot © A.S.O./Pauline BALLET
Régis Pinot, father of Thibaut Pinot © Presse Sports/Frédéric Mons


Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park
With its wooded slopes, the great ridge forms the Upper-Vosges. With the Alsace, Lorraine and Franche-Comté valleys, it motivated the creation of the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park in 1989. The Plateau des Mille Étangs, located in Franche-Comté, is its second great natural wealth. The massif conceals rare natural environments, such as high stubble fields, peat bogs, beech-fir groves, hill forests of oaks and beeches, limestone lawns, rivers, lakes and ponds. These very diverse environments are home to the emblematic fauna and flora of the massif: boreal owls, lynx, Peregrine falcons, fringed pinks, cranberries, sundews and arnica ...
The high rounded peaks, called "balloons", prevent ocean disturbances. These conditions favor the development of the forest massif, which covers two thirds of the territory of the park. Lower down, hay meadows and orchards, the vineyard and its limestone lawns surround or crisscross the forest mantle. Thanks to museums and interpretive structures, this mid-mountain territory retains traces of an ancient human presence.

Statue of Sapeur Camember
The statue of Lure's most famous imaginary character was sculpted by Mme Faure-Couty and inaugurated in 1979. Nearby, along the wall of the cultural centre, is painted a fresco to the glory of the author, also creator of the scholar Cosinus.

La Saline leisure center
Managed by the community of communes, this large leisure center south of Lure is completely free and open all year round. It is installed on the edge of the Ognon, and includes several ponds and pools. Some paths that cross it are the starts of hiking trails.

© Olivier Vincent
Woodland in Vosges Mountains in Alsace © Getty/VvoeVale


Boîte chaude (Hot box) or hot Mont d'Or

Ingredients: a large Mont d'Or cheese; Savagnin wine of Jura; garlic eventually.
Inside its round box, made of spruce, rests the Mont d´Or still covered with its yellow rind and just pierced. This is where the white wine from Jura has been added to its soft, golden texture.

Cut a circle in the middle of the cheese. Pour in 5cl of white wine. If necessary, prick the Mont d'Or in garlic. Put the box in the oven already preheated to 200 ° and cook for 25 minutes. Remember to place aluminum foil on the grill to prevent the risk of overflowing. Serve hot over potatoes and with a Morteau sausage for a 100 pc Franche-Comté dish.

Mont d'or cheese © Getty/tacstef

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