Launched in 2022, the timeless items in the Maillot Jaune range comprise three distinct collections created by Santini: Allez, Esprit, and Redux. These collections are designed to express the history and grandeur of the Tour de France -a legendary past in a modern, technical range.

  • Collection Allez: Created for mid-season cycling, the complete collection is perfect for rainy weather. It also includes a technical T-shirt and a summer jersey for warmer days. The cut of the official Maillot Jaune is reproduced exactly, with the jersey made from fabrics derived 100% from recycled PET plastic materials and thread waste. The minimalist design has an ultramarine blue top and petrol-green sleeves.
  • Collection Esprit: The Esprit collection consists of two jerseys for the hottest days. The breathable, lightweight, and slim-fit fabrics enhance performance on long summer rides. A victim of its own success, it's now sold out.
  • Collection Redux: This top-of-the-range collection is timeless and refined. Redux allows experienced cyclists to enjoy the Maillot Jaune's sleek design while benefiting from the most technical products designed by Santini. Shorts, jerseys, windbreakers, undershirts: cyclists looking for performance will find a range of garments with the same technical features as those worn by the professionals.