Matej Mohoric: "An emotional win because of what we've been through"

"This victory means a lot because it’s hard and cruel to be a pro cyclist. You suffer a lot in preparation to get ready, then you realize that everyone is so strong that it’s hard to follow the wheels. The other day, at col de la Loze, I was empty. You see how staffers have to wake up every morning 6AM to work until the night. Sometimes you struggle so much that you think you don’t belong here. Yet you have to realize everyone is struggling. Today I had to follow Kasper [Asgreen]. For Gino [Mäder], for everything. I needed to take his wheel and beat him on the line. When he attacked, I chased him and tried to follow him all the way to the top of the climb. I contributed so we could stay away. When Ben [O'Connor] attacked, I knew he was going to do it because it was the only chance he had. I knew Kasper would react, then I pipped him on the line.
I know I’m strong enough to win a stage in the Tour de France, because I’ve done it already. It’s emotional for me and for the team because of the hard times we have gone through."

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