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On January 9th, the Tour de France is launching its first collection of digital collectibles representing the 21 stages of the Tour de France 2023. The opportunity for the Tour de France community to appropriate even more the 2023 route. Each participant will be able to collect for free one of the stages through playing games on the Tour de France. 21 of these stages will give their owners the chance to live a VIP experience on the associated stage of the Tour de France 2023. The other collectibles will allow the players to complete the collection and maybe win another VIP experience on the Champs-Elysées or other exclusive prizes. A secondary market where players may sell and exchange their collectibles will be created. Revenues generated for the Tour de France by the secondary market will be donated to the “Riding into the Future” initiatives.

The Tour de France launches its first ever digital collection: “21 COLLECTIBLE STAGES”. For the first time, Tour de France fans will have the chance to become the owner of “exclusive Tour de France digital collectibles” (C. Prudhomme).  

The digital collectibles will represent the 21 stages of the 2023 Tour de France route through a 3D animation of each stage. All these digital collectibles will be accessible for free to the general public at In order to obtain these digital collectibles, fans will have to take part in online quests (quizzes, challenges, social media activities…) to earn points over the course of 21 days. At the end of those 21 days, the highest-ranked participants will receive a digital mystery box containing one of these official Tour de France 2023 collectibles.

Among them, 21 randomly chosen ones, defined as “Unique” (one for each stage), will give their owners an access to a VIP experience for the 2023 stage in question. For the first time ever, the Tour de France is giving its fans the chance to immerse themselves in the world’s greatest professional race.

At the end of this initial phase, the owners of a 2023 route digital collectible will be able to carry on their journey on the platform. The second phase of this operation will be based on a playful collection approach: gather a certain number of the Tour de France 2023 stages to obtain more or less exclusive rewards depending on the level of completion of the collection.

In order to animate this new community and for its members to share their discoveries, a dedicated Discord channel will be created and made accessible to all the Tour de France fans.

Revenues generated for the Tour de France by the secondary market, on which participants will be able to sell and exchange their digital collectibles, will all be donated by the Tour de France to its “Riding into the Future” initiatives, which are working towards making cycling possible for all.

These digital collectibles will be hosted through the blockchain technology Polygon, particularly well-reputed for its very limited energy consumption.

 The key dates       

  • January 3rd: registration opening
  • From January 9th to 30th: the platform opens and the 21-day quest period begins
  • January 30th-31st: quest period ends, digital collectibles are distributed, 21 VIP-experience winners are announced and the secondary market opens

Christian Prudhomme, General Director of the Tour de France: “The Tour de France starts 2023 with this innovation for its fans. The real popular celebration in July that characterizes the Tour de France creates a proximity with the its public all along the 3,500km of its route. The digital collection of the Tour de France 2023 stages responds to this logic: everyone will have the opportunity to obtain exclusive digital collectibles the “Grande Boucle”. The luckiest ones will be able to experience unique moments on the Tour.”

21 collectible stages - Digital collection

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