2018 Qhubeka Bicycle Distribution |Bonteheuwel by Carli-Ann Smith for www.zcmc.co.za
2018 Qhubeka Bicycle Distribution |Bonteheuwel by Carli-Ann Smith for www.zcmc.co.za

The Qhubeka Charity (Qhubeka) today announced the renewal of its partnership with Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) as an official charity supported by the Tour de France for the race in 2021 and 2022. The announcement coincides with World Bicycle Day, founded by the United Nations as a chance for people around the globe to pay tribute to the bicycle and the many benefits it brings to society.

Qhubeka has been one of the charities supported by the Tour de France for the last three years. As part of the agreement, every year, Le Tour has funded towards the distribution of 184 bicycles, to Qhubeka recipients in Africa – 184 represents the total number of professional riders in the Tour de France peloton. The renewed agreement will allow Qhubeka to distribute a further 368 bicycles over the next two years.

In the COVID-19 hit year of 2020, the Tour de France and other partners, additionally funded a further 1,000 bicycles for the “Heroes on Bikes” campaign which is specifically aimed at mobilising communities affected by the global pandemic, to feed and care for the elderly and vulnerable.

On signing of the agreement, Qhubeka’s founder Anthony Fitzhenry said, “The announcement of this continued partnership with the Tour de France is great news for Qhubeka. It will allow us to continue to reach many people and move their lives forward through access to a bicycle. The bicycle really can change lives.

Amaury Sport Organisation CEO, Yann Le Moenner said, "The Tour de France, whose responsibilities go well beyond that of sporting competition, carries its message and especially in promoting bike use. We are convinced that this is important worldwide and mobility has to be encouraged by all means. With Qhubeka, we have offered aid, allowing cycling to be put forward as part of the solution for young people in unfortunate circumstances. Cycling a path for the future is what drives us".

About Qhubeka:
Qhubeka is a global non-profit organisation that helps people to move forward and progress by providing bicycles in return for work done to improve communities, the environment or academic results in Africa. Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward”.

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