Le Coq Sportif and Le Tour de France share a common history: the greatest champions have worn jerseys made by Le Coq Sportif to add their names to the list of winners of the Grande Boucle.

But what links Le Coq Sportif and Le Tour de France is not only technique and know-how, it is also thousands of kilometers of stories told. Here is one more, and not the least

On this 2021 Tour, Le Coq Sportif is proposing two different designs, both equally strong.

The first Yellow Jersey, embellished with the Triskell, symbol of Brittany and representing the three elements, Water, Earth and Fire, will be worn on the Breton stages. This embellishment is also found on the black jersey of the Grand Départ capsule. As a tribute, Le Coq Sportif goes further and proposes a capsule in honour of its legendary ambassador Bernard Hinault, designed by him and a team of amateur cyclists. The five-time winner of the Tour was able to test and appreciate the products in the colours of Brittany during a cycling trip in his homeland of Côtes d’Armor.

The second one, again, tells one of the most beautiful stories of the Grande Boucle, the one of the grand finish. The road from Les Champs-Elysées to the Arc de Triomphe has always been synonymous of the apotheosis for all the riders participating in Le Tour de France. That is why this year it appears on the Yellow Jersey, the green jersey and the white jersey.

To reinforce this attachment to Le Tour de France, an event that has shaped the legends of cycling, Le Coq Sportif is offering four stories: Grand Départ 2021 Bretagne, Tour de France, Histoire de la Grande Boucle and Bernard Hinault Le Blaireau, all told in capsules. These technical collections are complemented by two T-shirts so everyone can find something to enjoy on the bike and in everyday life.

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