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Key points:

  • Fans of the Grande Boucle can now join the Tour de France Club, accessible all year round from the Tour de France website, to discover exclusive content immersing them in the heart of the event.
  • For the first time on the Tour de France, the public will be able to listen to Radio Tour and vote every day for the Antargaz Combativity Award.
  • Fans can already put themselves in the shoes of a sports director by playing the Fantasy by Tissot.
  • From Brest to Paris and over the highest peaks, the Tour de France Club accompanies amateur riders with routes designed by the experts of the Grande Boucle.
Tour de France Club - The teaser

In 2021, fans have an appointment at the Tour de France Club, a new platform to experience and extend the passion for the Grande Boucle all year round with three pillars: immersing themselves in the event with videos and exclusive content, participate in games like the Fantasy by Tissot and vote for the Antargaz Combativity Award, ride on the courses designed by former professional riders who today trace the stages of the Tour de France. Everything is accessible via a single free registration.

The Tour de France Club relies in particular on a rich video offering with portraits and analyses to learn all about the event and its champions. Today's cameras take spectators into the peloton while archival footage brings back to life the legend of an event born in 1903. And when the peloton sets off, enthusiasts can tune in to the Radio Tour signal for the first time to find out everything at all levels of the race and on Le Tour 3D tracker, the augmented reality application developed by NTT.

There will be other firsts, including the possibility for the public to vote every day for the Antargaz Combativity Award. Their pick among a selection of contenders will be integrated into the official jury. Members of the Tour de France Club will also enjoy the Fantasy by Tissot and contests to win gifts and exclusive experiences at the event.

The riders' area draws on the expertise of former professional champions who now work for the organisation of the event. They have designed itineraries suitable for all cyclists on the roads of the Grande Boucle… And new routes will be integrated after the Tour de France.

On the bike or on the sofa, Tour lovers just have to enter the Club!

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