While locally born chemist and physicist LouisJoseph Gay-Lussac has given his name to many streets in cities across France, one of Saint-Léonardde-Noblat’s adopted children has made it famous, among cycling enthusiasts and well beyond. Born in the neighbouring department of Creuse, Raymond Poulidor settled here when he married Gisèle and the village remained his home until he died in November 2019. A Tour podium finisher on eight occasions, “Poupou” witnessed the only previous start from in his home village in 2004, Robbie McEwen going on to win the stage in Guéret.

  • Stage town for the 2 nd time
  • Municipality in Haute-Vienne (87)
  • Population: 4,400 (Miaulétous and Miaulétounes)


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