The small municipality of Wallers has become synonymous with this region’s mining past. The Arenberg pit, from which 32 million tonnes of coal were extracted between 1903 and the final closure of the shafts in 1989, remains a vestige from that era and keeps alive the memory of the tens of thousands of miners who worked deep underground and to whom tribute was also paid during the shooting of Claude Berri’s film Germinal. A few hundred metres from the former mine is the entrance to the Drève des Boules d’Hérin, which has become better known as the Arenberg Trench since this cobbled sector became one of the decisive points in Paris-Roubaix. This will be the third finish here after previous ones in 2010 and 2014.

  • Stage town for the 3rd time
  • Located within Wallers-Arenberg, a commune of Nord (59)
  • Population: 5,600 in Wallers-Arenberg (Wallersiens and Wallersiennes), 160,000 in the 47 communes comprising the Porte du Hainaut municipality

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