The city is known as “la Primogenita”, or the first-born, having applied for annexation to the nascent kingdom of Italy as early as 1848. Its most illustrious personalities emerged much later: the fashion designer Giorgio Armani and the footballer Pippo Inzaghi were born here, the latter also known as “Inzagoal” thanks to his 316 goals, most of them scored in an AC Milan shirt. While two Giro finishes have taken place here, in 1968 (when Guerrino Tosello won) and 1986 (Guido Bontempi), Piacenza has primarily served as a start town, most recently in 2021 for a stage to Sestola, where Joe Dombrowski was the victor.


  • First-time stage town
  • Town in the Emilia-Romagna region
  • Population: 103,000 (Piacentini)  


  • Region of northern Italy
  • Surface area: 22,510km2
  • Population: 4,460,000 (Emilian-Romagnols)

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