It was in Chatou that a group of London students played in 1867 the first official football match in France. It was also in Chatou, between the neutral Grand Départ of the 1938 Tour in Paris and Km 0 in Vesinet that Paul Maye was hit by a motorbike. The sprinter from Bayonne with a dislocated shoulder however managed to reach Caen without retiring. The photograph of his nightmare made the front page of the first edition of Match weekly magazine that was later to become Paris-Match. His accident allowed him to meet during his recovery and eventually marry beautiful Maryvonne Hachart, a model of designer house Paquin.

Start city for the 1st time 
Chef-lieu de canton of Yvelines (78) 
Inhabitants: 30,500 (Catoviens), 330,100 in the 19 commons of the Communauté d’agglomération Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

© E. Deseaux

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