Candidacy for the label is open to all cities that have hosted the Tour de France at least once since its creation in 1903.

At the end of the Gironde estuary and at the heart of the magnificent wine region, the fortified town founded during the 13th century under English occupation by Roger de Leybourne to whom it owes its name, had rapidly known an intense commercial activity around its harbour and trading. Libourne later became the town of Father Christmas when the French post office decided to settle in 1967 his “secretariat” there, in charge of responding to the children that each year would send more than one million of letters with the hopes of gifts… Concerning the “Libourne 2025” project, it already associates urban renewal and the upgrading of natural and sporting spaces.

Stage city for the 4th time 
Sous-préfecture of Gironde (33) 
Inhabitants: 25,000 (Libournais), 91,500 in the 45 commons of the Communauté d’agglomération du Libournais


© Ville de Libourne

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