The legendary summits are the intangible links between each generation of Tour de France riders. Ordinary men have become extraordinary on their slopes. The collections refer to these passes that make riders unique winners, allowing each rider to find their winning spirit.

  • Kit Alpe d’Huez: A final tribute to the 21 switchbacks that comprise the iconic Alpe d'Huez ascent, engraved in the annals of Tour de France history. Alpe d'Huez products are meant to trigger memories for cycling enthusiasts, fans of the crazy years of the La Vie Claire cycling team, or of the most memorable summit finishes. -
  • Kit Mont Ventoux: A true challenge and an analogy for strength and perseverance, the "Géant de Provence" has captured the public's imagination with its history and lunar landscapes. The Mont Ventoux pieces' design captures the essence of legendary victories.
  • Cime de la Bonette: One of the highest peaks in the Tour de France, the Cime de la Bonette rises to an altitude of 2,802 metres. The design of these products symbolises the conquest of legendary summits. They were created for discerning cyclists who aspire to get closer to the sky on some of the steepest roads in the Tour's history.