Paris-Tours Espoirs


Start list

  • Vendée U Pays de Loire / FRA

    Sporting Manager: GENANZEAU Benoit /
    1KRAINER Taruia
    4GUYOT Romain
    5HASPOT Anthony
    6TEVENEZ Geoffrey
  • Comité Ile de France / FRA

    Sporting Manager: COQUOZ Francis /
    11DASSONVILLE Flavien
    12BARBIER Rudy
    13BRAVARD Antoine
    14FAILLA Sébastien
    15LEVEAU Jérémy
    16ROUSSEAU Jayson
  • Rabobank Development Team / NED

    Sporting Manager: VAN DONGEN Arthur /
    21VAN BAARLE Dylan
    22OLIVIER Daan
    23SLIK Ivar
    24TUSVELD Martijn
    25ZABEL Rick
    26VAN DER LIJKE Nicky
  • CC Etupes Le Doubs Pays de Monbeliard / FRA

    Sporting Manager: Gannat Jérome /
    31YATE Adam
    32BERGERET Sébastien
    34FERNANDES Mathieu
    35GOULOT Kévin
  • Etixx - Ihned / CZE

    Sporting Manager: ANDRLE René /
    41ALAPHILIPPE Julian
    42BOUVRY Dieter
    43HNIK Karel
    44KONRAD Patrick
    45SENECHAL Florian
    46WISNIOWSKI Lukasz
  • Sojasun Espoir - AC Noyal Châtillon / FRA

    Sporting Manager: MACE Thibaut /
    51DELAPLACE Cédric
    52GUILLEMOT Frédéric
    53HAMBROOK Sean
    54LEMONNIER Franck
    55MARTIN Guillaume
    56MIRA Anthony
  • Ventilair-Steria Continental Cycling Team / BEL

    Sporting Manager: Schets Danny /
    61TEUNS Dylan
    62POLS Ruben
    64VANDEWIELE Frederik
    66WASTYN Emiel
  • Chambéry Cyclisme Formation / FRA

    Sporting Manager: TERRIER Vincent /
    71CHAVANNE Gabriel
    72DENZ Nico
    73EDWARDS David
    74JASSERAND Benjamin
    75PIJOURLET Jules
    76LEGROS Adrien
  • EFC - Omega Pharma Quick Step / BEL

    Sporting Manager: Feys Win /
    81WALLAYS Jens
    82DE TIER Floris
    83DESMECHT David
    84DRUYTS Gerry
    85FARAZIJN Maxime
    86KERKHOF Tim
  • Comité de Normandie / FRA

    Sporting Manager: Henry Steven /
    91GOUGEARD Alexis
    92BOULEUX Florian
    93DANIEL William
    94DELBART Jordan
    95DESCAMPS Arnaud
  • Cycling Team Jo Piels / NED

    Sporting Manager: VAANHOLD Han /
    101BOUWMAN Koen
    102DE GREEF Robbert
    103HOEKSTRA Jochem
    104LAMMERTINK Steven
    105POUTSMA Stefan
    106ROOSEN Sjors
  • CC. Nogent/Oise / FRA

    Sporting Manager: Leconte Charlie /
    111TURGIS Jimmy
    112DESLANDES Vadim
    113FOURNIER Marc
    114POUILLY Felix
  • Comité Midi Pyrénées / FRA

    Sporting Manager: Clot-Courant Axel /
    121ARMIRAIL Bruno
    122CAMPISTROUS Romain
    123CAPUS Damien
    124JEGOU Aurelien
    125LOUBEAU Jérémy
    126PRIVAT Jérémy
  • VL Technics - Abutriek Cycling Team / BEL

    Sporting Manager: Vandenheede Rudy /
    131THEUNS Edward
    132DECOSTER Merijn
    134DUNNE Conor
    135ROTTY Glenn
  • Brest Iroise Cyclisme 2000 / FRA

    Sporting Manager: Cosnier Leonard /
    141LE GAC Olivier
    142BODIN Clément
    143CAM Maxime
    144MILLOUR Geoffrey
    145ROLLAND Fabien
    146JANVIER Nicolas
  • U Nantes Atlantique / FRA

    Sporting Manager: Derame Pascal /
    152COLAS Vincent
    153FERASSE Thibault
    154GOUAULT Pierre
  • Entente Sud Gascogne / FRA

    Sporting Manager: Abel Alexandre /
    162FIEFVEZ Rudy
    163GUERIN Alexis
    164MALBERT Mathieu
    165PACHER Quentin
    166VERARDO Yoann
  • Team Wallonie Espoirs / BEL

    Sporting Manager: Fontaine Sébastien /
    171BORCY Quentin
    172BOUTTé Kenzie
    173CARNEVALI Jean-Albert
    174DANIELS Nicolas
    175HAUBRUGE Robin
    176LA ROSE Grégory
  • T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon / BEL

    Sporting Manager: Pieterarens Pascal /
    181PONS Gaetan
    182BARATTO Jonathan
    183CONVENS Louis
    184DECHESNE Julien
    185SENY Alexandre
  • Comité de Bourgogne / FRA

    Sporting Manager: REPERANT Denis /
    191BERNARD Julien
    192GUILLONNET Adrien
    193LE ROSCOUET Benjamin
    194LIONNET Aurélien
    195MAISON Jérémie
    196PACOT Alexandre
  • CR4 Chemins Roanne / FRA

    Sporting Manager: GARIN Vincent /
    201RAIBAUD Jimmy
    202BARJON Lucas
    203BIDARD François
    204CALLAOU Yvan
    205DUMOURIER Florian
    206SCHULTZ Nicholas
  • Color Code - Biowanze / ESP

    Sporting Manager: DETILLOUX Christophe /
    211VALLEE Boris
    212DELFOSSE Florent
    214PESTIAUX Loic
    215WARNIER Antoine
    216WERTZ Thomas
  • BMC Development / USA

    Sporting Manager: Verbrugghe Rik /
    231MOSER Ignazio
    232BOHLI Tom
    233FRANKINY Killian
    234VERMEULEN Alexey
    235VLIEGEN Loic
  • Guidon Chalettois / FRA

    Sporting Manager: FOUCHER Stéphane /
    241LEBOUVIER Loick
    242GOUMON Arthur
    243MAISON Mathieu
    244PLANTUREUX Mickael
    245THURIOT Julien
    246WASTIAUX Joey
  • Soenens-Construkt Glas Cycling Team / BEL

    Sporting Manager: Werner Notredame /
    251BAERT Jasper
    252DECORTE Axel
    253MAES Alexander
    254PYFFEROEN Miel
    255VERBEKEN Cédric
    256VERMEIRE Jordy
  • Team Vulco-VC Vaulx en Velin / FRA

    Sporting Manager: BOURLOT Pierre /
    261COMPARAT Alban
    262BOUVET Thomas
    263CORBEX Emilio
    264PACCALET Alexandre
    265PAPILLON Lucas
    266ROLLAND Loic
  • Lotto-Belisol / BEL

    Sporting Manager: ROES Carl /
    271BENOOT Tiesj
    272FRISON Frederik
    275VANBESIEN Thomas
    276VERVAEKE Louis
  • ESEG Douai / FRA

    Sporting Manager: Pillon Laurent /
    281CORNET Joris
    282FLET Axel
    283GOUEL Valentin
    284ILONGO Dimitri
    285LEROUX Samuel
  • VS Chartres Cyclisme / FRA

    Sporting Manager: Faurre Michel /
    291JAMET Alexandre
    292JAMONEAU Tony
    293MELIAND Yohan
    294OSMONT Mathieu
    295RIGAUT Valentin
    296THIROUARD Valentin

Tourist attractions


Nicknamed the Little Venice of Beauce due to its lush surroundings and its surrounding moats still filled with water, Bonneval is the perfect place to relax your body and mind.
The pretty countryside retreat boasts a number of relics from the Middle Ages, including the former Benedictine Abbey of St Florentin, founded in 857, fortifications built in the 12th and 13th centuries, and a 15th century gate, etc.
The network of community-based activity is dense and varied, featuring over a hundred associations. Bonneval's strength lies in its ability to offer all the benefits of a large town, whilst remaining rural. Tourists can enjoy a real change of scene by visiting the town's moats and the River Loir on an electric boat ride. What could be more pleasant than quietly drifting along a calm little river, admiring the unspoiled flora and fauna?


A very accessible city
Tours has always been a crossroads. It lies at the hub of five motorways, straddles a major European communication axis, boasts an international airport and is surprisingly easy to reach at all times with a motorway exit two minutes from the city centre. The city centre can be reached in an hour on the TGV high-speed train from Paris, which also links Tours to big French and European cities with many direct daily links. Since September 2013, the appeal of Tours and its urban community has been strengthened with a tramway that has been put into service, which will become one of the landmarks of the urban landscape.

Extensive scientific research
Although Tours is not renowned as being an industrial city, despite its glorious past in the automobile industry, it is known for its innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in high value-added sectors of activity closely linked to university and in particular medical research work.  The city and its suburbs are part of three competitiveness clusters (Cosmetic Valley, Elastopole and the European Energy Efficiency Centre), demonstrating that this “philosophy” pays off and strengthening a situation that is the envy of many heavily industrialized towns.

A “well-being” city
The city of Tours and the province of Touraine in the Loire Valley, known as the “Garden of France”, make up one of the emblematic territories recognised by UNESCO in 2000 as a “living cultural landscape”. The area owes much of its beauty to a long tradition of royal and aristocratic residences along the “river of cultural landscapes”, built in particular during the 15th and 16th centuries. It was in this land of sophistication, abundance and regal banquets that Tours was awarded the label as an International City of Gastronomy. With its remarkable architectural heritage, Tours is the gateway to the Loire Valley.

Tours loves sport …
A healthy mind in a healthy body… This old saying is particularly true of Tours, where team sports, especially volleyball in League A and football in League 2, often put the city in the sports spotlight.  But sport in Tours also means the simple pleasure of running and cycling along the banks of the River Loire or rowing, canoeing, sailing and windsurfing on one of the many lakes. Moreover, more than 600 hectares of parkland, woods and forests in the city centre or nearby allow people to enjoy their favourite outdoor activities, in particular at the lake’s water park and on the new compact golf course in the centre of the urban area. Every year 10, 000 people take part in the Tours and Nouvelle République 10 and 20-km race, proof, if any was needed, of the enthusiasm that Tours inhabitants have for sport. With 33, 000 members who belong to 160 clubs representing more than 120 disciplines, there really is something for everyone at all levels, which was proved by the “Sport’ouvertes” event, where all the sports clubs and associations presented their offer to the public in September.

Special rules

Article 1. Organisation

The 71st PARIS-TOURS “Espoirs” category, class ME 1.2. (U 23), an international cycling road race, is organised by Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) under the aegis of the “Club TDF Sport” (TDF Sport Club) and in accordance with the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the “Fédération Française de Cyclisme” (French Cycling Federation –FFC). It will take place on Sunday 13th October 2013.

Article 2. Participation

The event is open to UCI Continental teams, national teams, national organisations (clubs), regional teams as well as National Division (DN) clubs in accordance with the regulations of the UCI (International Cycling Union) and the FFC (French Cycling Federation).
Participation is limited to 30 teams with no more than 6 riders each.

Article 3. UCI Europe Tour Classification

The 71st PARIS-TOURS ESPOIRS is ranked as a 1.2.HC race on the UCI Europe Tour’s calendar and awards the following points in accordance with article 2.11.014. of the UCI regulations: 40 – 30 – 16 - 12 – 10 – 8 – 6 and 3 points to the first 8 riders.

Article 4. Race Headquarters

The race bibs and frame numbers will be given to each team manager upon presentation of the competitors’ membership cards at the race headquarters located at:

Hôpital Henri Ey
28800 Bonneval

on Saturday 12th October from 4.30 pm to 7pm and Sunday 13th October from 7.50 am to 8.35 am.
The team managers' meeting will be held on Sunday 13th October at 8.45 am at the race headquarters.

Article 5. Radio-Tour

Race information will be broadcast on frequency 163.3875 MHz.

Article 6. Neutral technical support

The neutral technical support service will be provided by the MAVIC Company, using two technical vehicles.

Article 7. Finishing deadlines

All riders finishing within a time limit exceeding 8 % of the winner's time will not be included in the classification.

Article 8. Protocol Ceremony

The first three riders to finish the race must attend the protocol ceremony.

Article 9. Prize money

The prize money for the race will be awarded as follows:

Places Prizes allocated.
1st €2,425
2nd €1,210
3rd €607
4th €305
5th €240
6th €180
7th €180
8th €118
9th €118
10th €57
11th €57
12th €57
13th €57
14th €57
15th €57
16th €57
17th €57
18th €57
19th €200
20th €57

The total amount of prize money awarded for the race will be €6,010

Article 10. Arbitration

The fact of entering the race implies that each rider has read the present regulations and hereby accepts all the clauses. For cases not provided for in the present regulations, a request for arbitration may be filed with the Members of the Jury of Stewards within the framework of the general regulations of the UCI and the FFC.

Article 11. The Environment

A.S.O. sets up collection areas which are specifically designated to recover waste. Riders must only dispose of their waste, water bottles or any other object in these specially equipped areas.
Runners and followers must behave responsibly with regards to the environment in all circumstances and respect the legal provisions in force.

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