John Degenkolb: "The best I could do"

interview13.04.2014The race- Paris (Compiègne) / Roubaix

"Today was probably the best we could get. When you see the whole race, I had a mechanical problem and it cost me a lot of energy to come back. A lot of my teammates worked hard to bring me back. Luckily De Backer was sharp enough to chase hard in a front group. It was smart tactically to have somebody with me. Terpstra won the race but we can be really proud and it's the next step on the road to glory to be on the podium of a monument.
I think sometimes you just have gamble. It could also be that Terpstra was not strong enough to survive there. Quick Step had a great advantage with three guys in the front group. I don't regret anything. Right now, I'm just satisfied with my second place. I really hope it's going to be the big start of a new cycling passion in Germany and inspire a lot of people and the generation underneath me. I'm still young at 25 and I really hope in the future there will be live courage of nice classics like this. I love these monuments.  I was very close today. A win is always nice but you have to see the difference between races.This is one of the toughest, maybe the toughest race in the world."

The race Paris (Compiègne) / Roubaix

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