Tuesday March 11th, 2014

Stage 3Toucy / Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours

Start 11h40 (Local time)

Key moments

Stage summary11.03.2014 in 16:45Degenkolb right on track at last

It was third time lucky for John Degenkolb in Magny-Cours on Tuesday, when the German powered his way to his first victory on Paris-Nice in the 180-kms third stage after two second places in the previous finishes of this edition.

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interview11.03.2014 in 16:55Degenkolb - Everything worked perfectly

"I tried two times and failed but today everything worked perfectly. Compared to the previous days, we were not too nervous because there was enough space to move out. Everything went really well. The other days, there was always something missing. I'm really happy to get this victory for my team because they supported me like always in a perfect way. Nobody in the world would ever want to give up a yellow jersey. It's a great satisfaction because it has a Tour de France flavor. We will try...

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Sporting stakes10.03.2014 in 17:18Sprinters on track for another fast finale

While finishes on motor-racing tracks are nothing new in cycling, it will be a first on Paris-Nice when the peloton makes it to Magny-Cours at the end of today's 180-km third stage. Obviously, the home of the French Grand Prix between 1991 and 2008 will be an ideal terrain for the fastest men in the bunch and they are nowhere easily identified after two stages ending up on mass sprints. John Degenkolb obviously has a revenge to take after finishing second twice since the Race to the Sun took...

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16:13Top five overall standings

Top five overall standings in Paris-Nice after stage 3:

1. John Degenkolb (GIA)

2. Nacer Bouhanni (FSJ) 8 secs behind

3. Moreno Hofland (BEL) 12 secs

4. Jose Joaquin Rojas (MOV) 18 secs

5. Geraint Thomas (SKY) 21 secs

16:10Top five placings

Top 5 placings in the 180-kms third stage of Paris-Nice between Toucy and Nevers-Magny-Cours:

1. John Degenkolb (Germany, GIA)

2. Matt Goss (Ausralia, OGE)

3. Jose Joaquin Rojas (Spain, MOV)

4. Borut Bozic (Slovenia, AST)

5. Tom Boonen (Belgium, OPQ)

16:08Degenkolb wins in Magny-Cours

Germany's John Degenkolb (GIA) won the 18kms 3rd stage of Paris-Nice in Magny-Cours.

16:07Under the red fame

Giant Shimano still lead under the red flame.

16:06Quemeneur reined in

Perrig Quemeneur (EUC) has been reeled in with two kilometres to go until the finish line.

16:05Giant Shimano lead chase into the race track

On the Magny-Cours circuit, Giant Shimano take the reins, 15 seconds behind Perrig Quemeneur (EUC) (km 177).

16:025 kms to go...

... and Quemeneur now only leads the peloton by 25 seconds as he rides onto the Magny-Cours racing track.

16:00Quemeneur resists

With 7 kms to go, Perrig Quemeneur (EUC) keeps a 45 seconds lead over the pack, led by riders from Team Sky.

15:59Feillu and Fouchard reined in

Romain Feillu (BSE) and Julien Fouchard (COF) have been caught by the peloton (km 171). Perrig Quemeneur (EUC) leads the bunch by 40 seconds.

15:56Quemeneur insists

Perigg Quemeneur (EUC) now leads his former breakaway companions by 20 seconds and the peloton by 40 seconds.

15:55Quemeneur on his own

With 11 kms to go, as the gap was trimmed down to 30 seconds, Perrig Quemeneur (EUC) went away on his own.

15:49FDJ, Astana and SKY lead the chase

FDJ, Astana and SKY lead the chase as the gap with the three escapees goes under the minute with 15 kms to go.

15:4720 kms to go...

... and the gap between Quemeneur, Feillu and Fouchard has been cut down to 1:15.

15:3725 kms to go...

... and the three escapees lead the peloton by 1:30.

15:36Coquard - "I didn't sprint yet"

Interviewed by France Television, France's Bryan Coquard (EUC), who twice finished 6th, said he had not yet had the chance to really sprint.
"I was a little unlucky and not well placed enough to really sprint. I din't sprint yet. It's a little unfortunate but I hope to make amends, perhaps today," he said.
His team director Andy Flickinger explained that it had been useful to have Perrig Quemeneur in the front to save strength for the finale and for Coquard's team-mates to lead...

15:19Result of the second sprint

Result of the second intermediate sprint in La Machine (Km 141):
1. Julien Fouchard (COF) 3 secs, 3 pts
2. Romain Feillu (EUC) 2 sec, 2 pt
3. Perrig Quemeneur (EUC) 1 sec, 1 point

The peloton 2:10 behind.

15:1640 kms to go...

... and the trio lead the peloton by 2:05.

15:13Latest gap

Km 136 - Quemeneur (EUC), Fouchard (COF) and Romain Feillu (BSE) lead the peloton by 1:50.

15:0450 kms to go...

And the gap between Quemeneur (EUC), Fouchard (COF), Feillu (BSE) and the peloton is 1:40.

14:52Fouchard punctures

Julien Fouchard (COF) punctured but his two breakaway companions wait for him to close the gap.

14:49Rous - "Three is not enough"

Cofidis Team director Didier Rous, who has Julien Fouchard in the day's breakaway, told www.letour.fr the move had few chances with only three riders in it.
"The idea was to be in a break but with a few riders more. With only three, it's useless. But Julien had a bad crash before Paris-Nice and it's good for him to be in a break and not to have to fight his way into the peloton. At least the move will be useful in this sense," he said.
Overall, Rous said he was disappointed that...

14:44The race in St Saulge

The race is ins St Saulge (km 113.5) home to two French championships in 1990 and 1991, won by Philippe Louviot and Armand de las Cuevas.

14:43Average speed

The average speed in the third hour of the stage was 38.6 kph and the overall speed was 37.7 kph. 

14:13Gap in the feeding zone

At the feeding zone (Km 93), the gap again grows to 2:00 as the peloton relaxes a little to pick their bags.

14:10Hubert - "We need to take chances"

Bretagne Seche team manager Emmanuel Hubert told www.letour.fr why his riders were involved in breaks each day.
"As the saying goes, every gambler who wins first played. You need to take chances because you never know, there might be a crash in the peloton, leaders watching each other…," he said about the breakaway of the day including his rider Romain Feillu.
"Since the start, we have been playing with the bunch without trying too hard," he added.
Hubert added the news...

14:01Lead down to 1:35

As a result of the acceleration by Omega Pharma Quick Step, the gap between the bunch and the escapees - Quemeneur, Fouchard and Feillu - has gone down to 1:35.

13:59Peloton speeds up

The peloton, led by riders from team Omega Pharma Quick Step, has raised the tempo and the lead of the three escapees has gone down to 2:20 (km 83).

13:48Result of the first sprint

Result of the first intermediate sprint in Varzy (Km 78):
1. Perrig Quemeneur (EUC) 3 seconds, 3 points
2. Julien Fouchard (COF) 2 secs, 2 pts
3. Romain Feillu (EUC) 1 sec, 1 pt

13:42Average speed

The average speed in the second hour of the stage was 36.5 kph. The overall speed since the start was 37.3 kph.

13:41Results on Cote de la Chapelle Saint-Andre

Results on Cote de la Chapelle Saint-Andre (km 74, 3rd cat):
1. Romain Feillu (BSE) 4 pts
2. Julien Focuhard (COF) 2 pt
3. Perrig Quemeneur (EUC) 1 pt

13:39Slow tempo

Both the escapees and the peloton take it relatively leisurely on the flat roads leading to Nevers, hence the steady gap, which dropped down a bit to 2:15 (km 65).

13:38Sunny weather on the race

It is sunny and warm on the road of Paris-Nice: 17 degrees C at present.

13:31Stage winners in Nevers

1934 : Jules Merviel ; 1936 : Felicien Vervaecke ; 1937 : A.Beckaert ; 1938 : Pierre Jaminet ; Roger Lapebie ; 1951 : Lucien Teisseire ; 1953 : Roger Bertaz ;  1954 : Raoul Remy ; 1955 : Jean Bobet ; 1968 : Walter Godefroot ; 1990 : Etienne de Wilde ; 1991 : équipe Toshiba ; 1992 : Mario Cipollini ; 1993 :  Mario Cipollini ; 1994 : Fabio Baldato ; 1998 : Tom Steels ; 1999 : Jan Kirsipuu ; 2000 : Jan Kirsipuu ; 2001 : Nico Mattan ; 2008 : Gert...

13:21Steegmans in 2008

In the last stage to finish in Nevers, Gert Steegmans surged in the final kilometre to win ahead of Jerome Pineau and Thor Hushovd. The three are still in the race today. In contrast to this year, the 2008 stage had been cut down by 94 km because of the cold. But like in this year's edition, the following stage, also won by Steegmans, was also finishing in Belleville.

13:06FFDJ still lead the bunch

Three riders from Nacer Bouhanni's FDJ.fr team lead the peloton, maintaining the lead under three minutes (2:45 at kilometre 50).

12:42Average speed

The average speed in the first hour of the stage was 38.1 kph.

12:40Gap stable at 3:10

Km 34 - Perrig Quemeneur (EUC), Julien Fouchard (COF) and Romain Feillu (BSE) lead the peloton by 3:10.

12:33Degenkolb the specialist?

John Degenkolb (GIA) already won a mass sprint on a motor-racing track in the 2012 Vuelta on the Alcaniz circuit. In the same stage, Nacer Bouhanni (FDJ) finished fourth.

12:26Past stages on racing tracks

Paris-Nice  only visited a race track once before in 1981 when Tommy Prim won a stage at Le Castellet. The Tour de France also held stages  on motor-racing circuits frequently in the past. The Monthlery track near Paris was home to 23 French championships between 1928 and 1997 and its main ascent bears the name of cycling legend Octave Lapize. The Spa-Francorchamps track held two Tour stages won by Bernard Hinault in 1980 and Raul Alcala in1989 while the 2012 Tour rode past the Belgian...

12:21FDJ.fr controls the bunch

The FDJ.fr team of race leader Nacer Bouhanni are controllng the bunch and keeping the escapees within reach. From 3:10, their lead dropped to 2:45 at kilometre 21.

12:09Gap up to 3:10

Km 16.5 - Quemeneur (EUC, Fouchard (COF) and Romain Feillu (BSE) lead the peloton by 3:10.

12:05The race in St Fargeau

The race is in St Fargeau (km 16.5), home to a Tour de France stage win by Mark Cavendish in 2009.

11:56Gap up to 2:00

Km 7.5 - Quemeneur (EUC), Fouchard (COF) and Feillu (BSE) now lead the peloton by two minutes.

11:54Quotes at the start

France's Bryan Coquard (EUC), one of his country fastest men was just a little short to contend for the podium places in stages 1 and 2 and he's hoping for a better fate in Magny-Cours: "I was twice 6th. It's good but not good enough," he said.
While his brother Andy has been struggling since he start, Luxembourg's Franck Schleck (TFR) finds himself his team's leader but he admitted the race had already been very hectic:  "It's been very demanding and stressful since start," he...

11:51In the press today

In l'Equipe, Bretagne Seche staff and riders explain how the announcement of their selection for the Tour de France changed their perspective.  
"For sure there is a form of euphoria around our selection. We're liberated, disinhibited," rider Florian Vachon told l'Equipe.
The team riders have been among the most active since the start from Mantes-la-Jolie with a rider in each break, Christophe Laborie in the first stage, Anthony Delaplace in the second and now Romain Feillu in...

11:49Gap reached one minute

Km 4 - The leading trio now lead the peloton by one minute.

11:48Three men on the move

Km 2.5 - Three riders broke clear – Perrig Quemeneur (EUC), Julien Fouchard (COF) and Romain Feillu (BSE).

11:40Start given

The start was given at 11:40 to 164 riders.

11:34Jersey holders

Nacer Bouhanni (FDJ) retained his yellow jersey thanks to his third place in stage 2. The Frenchman leads John Degenkolb (GIA) by two seconds while second stage winner Moreno Hofland (BEL) lies third, four seconds behind. With another bunch sprint finish likely on the Magny-Cours race track, the three should again battle it out for the overall lead in the finale.
The white jersey current podium is identical to the GC, the top three riders in the race being under 25.  
In the...

11:32Climbs of the day

Km 74 - Cote de la Chapelle Saint-Andre (3rd cat)

11:31Sprints of the day

Km 78 - Varzy
Km 141 - La Machine

11:30164 riders at the start

164 riders are starting stage 3. Gianni Meersman (OPQ), Lars Boom (BEL) and Kris Boeckmans (LTB) do not start.

11:27Lars Boom out too

Lars Boom, involved in the same crash as Gianni Meersman, is also out of the race with a fractured elbow, his team Belkin said. The Dutchman won the Paris-Nice prologue in 2010 and a as a result held the race yellow jersey.

11:26Meersman out

Involved in a crash in stage 2, Belgium's Giani Meersman was forced to call it quits and leave Paris-Nice.
"Paris Nice is over for me, I'm going to hospital in Belgium," he said on his Twitter account.
Meersman was wearing the green jersey when he crashed and was later handed a 1:10 penalty for making it back in the peloton in the trail of his team director's car.

11:20Welcome to the third stage

Welcome to the 180-km third stage of ¨Paris-Nice between Toucy and the Magny-Cours race track. Stay tuned to www.letour.fr


Jersey wearers after the stage 8

Classifications after the stage 8


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