Digital Reporters: Three “bibs” to win for the 2017 Tour

Tuesday, April 25th

A social network expert, adept with digital tools and most of all open to adventure and looking forward to discovering the Tour. This is the identikit of the three “Digital Reporters” who will... Read more


Monday, March 27th

100 days before hosting the Grand Départ of the Tour de France, the city of Düsseldorf has become a true cycling capital in all its forms. Between the results of the Tour de France Dictation, the... Read more

Tour de France China Criterium : The Tour de France in...

Wednesday, March 22nd

When the passion for cycling is expressed, the Tour de France responds. With nearly 450 million bicycles, China is the world's leading bicycle power! While none of these riders' names appear in the... Read more

The Tour de France Dictation : 5,000 pupils ready to...

Thursday, March 23rd

“The champions of our childhood are the champions for our lives”. This phrase that Tour de France Director Christian Prudhomme likes to reiterate will take on extra meaning this Friday March... Read more

Roger Pingeon —the wader takes flight

Tuesday, March 21st

Roger Pingeon, the winner of the 1967 Tour de France, passed away at the age of 76 in the early hours of Sunday. He will be remembered as a rider with a great sense of panache. Read more

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Sporting stakes / rules

What is at stake?

The rules are the Bible of a sporting competition. Their balance and rigour are intended to ensure equal opportunities, motivate riders and help spectators and viewers alike to understand the event. Here is an outline of the main points.

Download the rules (pdf, 23 pages, 1.3 Mo)


A wide range of objectives coexist in the 198-strong peloton, depending on each rider's disposition, strong points and assigned tasks. The most team-oriented of individual sports gives the majority of them a role in multi-layered strategies. The distinctive jerseys and other honours up for grabs during the 3 weeks of racing are listed below.

  • Stage victories

    The 21 stages of the 2016 Tour can be broken down as follows: 9 flat stages, 1 hilly stage, 9 mountain stages —including 4 summit finishes— and 2 individual time trials.
    Stage victories are sponsored by PowerBar.

  • Yellow Jersey

    This jersey is worn by the leader of the general classification.
    The yellow jersey is sponsored by LCL.

  • Green Jersey

    This jersey is worn by the leader of the points classification. Points are awarded at the intermediate sprint in each mass-start stage and the finish of each stage.
    The green jersey is sponsored by Škoda.

  • Red Polka-Dot Jersey

    This jersey is worn by the leader of the mountains classification. Mountain points are awarded at the top of every categorised climb. The points for a summit finish are doubled.
    The red polka-dot jersey is sponsored by Carrefour.

  • White Jersey

    This jersey is worn by the best young rider (age 25 or under in the current year) in the general classification.
    The white jersey is sponsored by Krys.

  • Combativity award

    This distinction is awarded at the end of each stage by a jury made up of cycling specialists. An overall winner is designated after the last stage of Le Tour. The winner wears red-coloured race numbers in the next stage.
    The combativity award is sponsored by Antargaz.

  • Team classification

    This classification is calculated by adding the times of each team's three best riders on each stage. Riders in the team leading the classification wear yellow helmets and race numbers.
    The team classification is sponsored by RAGT Semences.

  • Seconds up for grabs

    Time bonuses are awarded at the end of every mass-start stage (i.e. no time bonuses on offer in individual and team time trials). The first three riders get 10, 6 and 4 seconds, respectively.

  • Mandatory helmet use

    All cyclists are required to wear helmets throughout the duration of each stage.

  • Falls in the last three kilometres

    As has been the case since 2005, riders involved in a fall in the last three kilometres of a stage are given the same finishing time as the group they were riding in. Time trial stages and summit finishes are not covered by this rule.

Official Timekeeper

Jersey wearers after the stage 21


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Sponsorship and Environment

Since it was founded, Amaury Sport Organisation has been involved in various sponsorship and philanthropy activities. It is the generosity of sport that can be found in a certain number of initiatives aiming to invest in the workings of the disciplines themselves (sponsorship of the French Federation of Cycling), in a humanitarian and social framework, (Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Actions Dakar, Un Techo Para Mi Pais) or in the environmental sphere (Madre De Dios, selective sorting, etc.). Read more

A.S.O. is committed to integrating environmental considerations into the organisation of its races: Limiting CO2 emissions; A quality waste management policy for the spectators but also for the organisers and the riders; The promotion of cycling as an alternative, environmentally-friendly means of transport. Read more

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