Digital Reporters: Three “bibs” to win for the 2017 Tour

Tuesday, April 25th

A social network expert, adept with digital tools and most of all open to adventure and looking forward to discovering the Tour. This is the identikit of the three “Digital Reporters” who will... Read more


Monday, March 27th

100 days before hosting the Grand Départ of the Tour de France, the city of Düsseldorf has become a true cycling capital in all its forms. Between the results of the Tour de France Dictation, the... Read more

Tour de France China Criterium : The Tour de France in...

Wednesday, March 22nd

When the passion for cycling is expressed, the Tour de France responds. With nearly 450 million bicycles, China is the world's leading bicycle power! While none of these riders' names appear in the... Read more

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Thursday, March 23rd

“The champions of our childhood are the champions for our lives”. This phrase that Tour de France Director Christian Prudhomme likes to reiterate will take on extra meaning this Friday March... Read more

Roger Pingeon —the wader takes flight

Tuesday, March 21st

Roger Pingeon, the winner of the 1967 Tour de France, passed away at the age of 76 in the early hours of Sunday. He will be remembered as a rider with a great sense of panache. Read more

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One last breakaway for ‘Walko'…


CYCLISME - TOUR DE FRANCE 1956 - 1956 - walkowiak (roger) - Madame Walkowiak embrasse son mari, vainqueur du Tour. *** Local Caption *** - ©

Roger Walkowiak would have been 90 years old in a few weeks' time, but the winner of the Tour de France in 1956 passed away last night. He leaves us with the memory of a strong-willed rider.

He was the symbol of a certain form of romanticism according to which, in cycling, ready-made scenarios could be deconstructed by champions who did not necessarily look the part. Renowned for his solidity and genuine talent in the mountains, nevertheless Roger Walkowiak was not among the favourites for the 1956 Tour de France. Indeed, the rider from Montluçon, despite his remarkable exploits on the Paris-Côte d'Azur or Dauphiné Libéré races, had been left out by the French team that year. However, his obstinate ability of getting into successful breakaways and his tactical sense, which was most certainly underestimated by his rivals such as Charly Gaul, Federico Bahamontes or Raphaël Geminiani, enabled him to tackle that year's passage through the Alps in good conditions. On the stage in Grenoble, four days before the end of the race, Walkowiak regained the Yellow Jersey that he had already worn at the start of the race. This time, he was determined to not let it slip from his grasp… especially not on the last stage, which set off from his home town of Montluçon in the Allier department. As a legacy, the last winner to ride for a regional team (Nord Est-Centre, north-east-centre in English) bequeathed an expression to the cycling lexicon. However, “Walko's Tour” was redeemed by the most astute of cycling analysts, Antoine Blondin, who explained for example that, “his victory was actually self-evident. ‘Walko' was the bravest, the most consistent and best performing rider”. The former director of the Tour, Jacques Goddet, went one better with particularly glowing praise: “Roger Walkowiak [...], is my favourite Tour de France winner”. The Tour de France wishes to pay this very same tribute to Roger Walkowiak, who, following the death of Ferdi Kübler several weeks ago, became the oldest winner of the event. The organisational teams would like to express their most heartfelt thoughts to all his family and friends.

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CYCLISME - TOUR DE FRANCE 1956 - 1956 - walkowiak (roger) - Madame Walkowiak embrasse son mari, vainqueur du Tour. *** Local Caption *** - ©

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