Tuesday, September 12th

Tuesday, October 17th Conference Tour de France 2018

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Wednesday, July 26th

A palette of colours …

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Tuesday, July 25th

Chris Froome, the go-between

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Monday, July 24th

Last sprint for Groenewegen, Froome wins his fourth Tour

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ARD to broadcast the Tour de France in 2017 and 2018


Building on the broadcasting of the 2015 and 2016 Tour de France, ARD and Amaury Sport Organisation have concluded an agreement aiming for daily live broadcast of the Tour de France in 2017 and 2018.

ARD plans to broadcast more than 90 minutes live during the week and more during the weekends. The Tour will this year begin in Dusseldorf and ARD will provide significantly more air time for the two opening stages.  In addition, each stage will be broadcast in full on the sportschau.de website

The Tour de France, as in previous years, will also be broadcast on Eurosport Germany.

Yann Le Moenner, Managing Director of A.S.O. said: “We are thrilled that the Tour de France will continue to be aired on a major German general interest channel as is the case in most of the European countries. With the Grand Départ in Dusseldorf and the broadcasting of the Tour de France by ARD as well as the take-over by A.S.O. of the Frankfurt Grand Prix and the relaunch of the Tour of Germany scheduled for 2018, the goal is to ensure the development of cycling in Germany.”

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Around Sustainable Development

In 2017, after signing under the aegis of the French Ministry for Sport and the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) the environmental charter with 21 major sports events, the Tour de France has decided to structure its CSR policy and organise its action around three themes: “Cycling for Earth”, “Cycl’in your Life”, “In the Tour’s slipstream…”... More

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