Wednesday July 9th, 2014

Stage 5Ypres / Arenberg Porte du Hainaut

Start 14h00 (Local time)

A sporting view

Time schedule Ypres / Arenberg Porte du Hainaut 156KM

Subject to validation by the prefectoral services

RouteKilometresSchedules (Local time)
from the finishfrom the start47 km/h45 km/h43 km/h
YPRES (N336-N37-VC-N8-N345-N332)13h4513h4513h45
ZONNEBEKE (N332-VC)152.03.514h0414h0514h05
Sint-Juliaan (LANGEMARK-POELKAPELLE) (près)147.08.514h1014h1114h11
Carrefour VC-N313146.09.514h1214h1214h13
Poelkapelle (LANGEMARK-POELKAPELLE)144.011.514h1414h1514h16
Westrozebeke (STADEN)139.516.014h2014h2114h22
Sleihage (STADEN) (N313-N36)135.020.514h2614h2714h28
Carrefour N36-N36A131.524.014h3014h3214h33
ROULERS (N36A-N32A-N32)131.524.014h3114h3214h33
LEDEGEM (près)120.535.014h4514h4714h49
Carrefour N32-N8112.543.014h5514h5715h00
WEVELGEM (N8-VC)112.043.514h5514h5815h00
Lauwe (MENIN)108.047.515h0115h0315h06
Rekkem (MENIN) (VC-N366)104.051.515h0515h0815h11
Carrefour N366-VC101.554.015h0915h1215h15
NORD (59)
TOURCOING (VC-D760-VC-D775)97.558.015h1415h1715h21
ROUBAIX (D775-VC-D770-D6 D)91.064.515h2215h2515h29
HEM (D6 D-VC-D952)84.571.015h3115h3515h39
Passage à niveau n°978.077.515h3915h4315h48
VILLENEUVE-D'ASCQ (D952-D941-D955)77.578.015h3915h4415h48
BOUVINES (D955-D94)71.584.015h4715h5215h57
GRUSON (D94-VC)69.086.515h5015h5516h01
Début du secteur pavé de Gruson au Carrefour de l'Arbre (9)68.587.015h5115h5616h01
Fin de secteur pavé 1 100m67.088.515h5215h5716h03
Carrefour VC-D9067.088.515h5215h5716h03
Passage à niveau n°13063.592.015h5716h0216h08
TEMPLEUVE (D90-D19-D345-D145-VC-D128) (entrée)59.096.516h0316h0816h14
ENNEVELIN (D128-VC)53.0102.516h1016h1616h23
Début du secteur pavé d'Ennevelin à Pont-Thibault (8)52.0103.516h1216h1816h24
Fin de secteur pavé 1 400m50.5105.016h1416h1916h26
Pont-Thibault (VC-D917)50.5105.016h1416h1916h26
PONT-À-MARCQ (D917-D549-D917)49.5106.016h1516h2116h27
Nouveau Jeu (MÉRIGNIES)47.0108.516h1816h2416h31
Carrefour D917-VC45.5110.016h2016h2616h33
Début du secteur pavé de Mons-en-Pévèle (7)45.5110.016h2016h2616h33
Fin de secteur pavé 1 000m44.5111.016h2116h2816h35
Carrefour VC-D95443.5112.016h2316h2916h36
BERSÉE (D954-VC)43.0112.516h2316h3016h37
Début du secteur pavé de Bersée (6)41.0114.516h2616h3216h39
Fin de secteur pavé 1 400m39.5116.016h2816h3416h41
Wattines (CAPPELLE-EN-PÉVÈLE) (VC-D127)39.5116.016h2816h3516h42
Carrefour D127-D54937.5118.016h3116h3716h45
Carrefour D549-D93833.5122.016h3616h4316h50
ORCHIES (D938-VC-D953-VC)33.0122.516h3616h4316h51
Début du secteur pavé d'Orchies à Beuvry-la-Forêt (5)30.0125.516h4016h4716h55
Fin de secteur pavé 1 400m28.5127.016h4216h4916h57
Carrefour VC-D12628.0127.516h4216h5016h57
BEUVRY-LA-FORÊT (D126-D953)28.0127.516h4216h5016h58
SARS-ET-ROSIÈRES (D953-D158-VC)24.5131.016h4716h5417h02
Début du secteur pavé de Sars-et-Rosières à Tilloy-les-Marchiennes (4)24.5131.016h4716h5417h02
Carrefour VC-D158 B24.0131.516h4816h5517h03
Fin de secteur pavé 2 400m22.0133.516h5016h5717h06
TILLOY-LEZ-MARCHIENNES (D158 B-VC-D81)22.0133.516h5016h5817h06
Début du secteur pavé de Brillon à Warlaing (3)20.5135.016h5217h0017h08
Fin de secteur pavé 1 400m19.0136.516h5417h0117h10
WANDIGNIES-HAMAGE (D81-VC-D130)16.5139.016h5717h0517h13
Début du secteur pavé de Wandignies-Hamage à Hornaing (2)15.5140.016h5817h0617h15
Carrefour D130-VC12.5143.017h0217h1017h19
ERRE (près)12.5143.017h0217h1017h19
Passage à niveau n°12812.0143.517h0317h1117h20
HORNAING (VC-D343 A-D81-VC)12.0143.517h0317h1117h20
Fin de secteur pavé 3 700m11.5144.017h0317h1117h20
HÉLESMES (VC-D955)9.0146.517h0717h1517h24
WALLERS (D955-VC)8.0147.517h0817h1617h25
Passage à niveau n°1357.5148.017h0817h1717h26
Début du secteur pavé d'Hélesmes à Wallers (1)6.5149.017h1017h1817h27
Passage à niveau n°1375.5150.017h1117h2017h29
Fin de secteur pavé 1 600m5.0150.517h1217h2017h30
WALLERS (VC-D40-D13-VC-D313) (entrée)5.0150.517h1217h2017h30
ARENBERG PORTE DU HAINAUT0.0155.515h3717h1817h27

Tourist attractions


Ypres, that will welcome the Tour de France for the very first time, also hosts, like in most of the towns of the country, a well established cycling meeting. The Kattekoers (Cat race) which refers to the tradition of getting rid of cats that were considered as a menace to the commercial prosperity of the city specialised in the cloth industry, was created in 1934. Back in 2006, Greg Van Avermaet conquered one of his very first successes. Ypres is also known as the birth city of André Noyelle, Olympic cycling champion in 1952, and Noël Vantyghem, winner of Paris-Tours in 1972.

Web sites

Mémorial de la Porte de Menin (Menenpoort)
New stage city
35 000 inhabitants
Area capital of the Flandre-Occidentale Province (Belgium)

Arenberg Porte du Hainaut

The Arenberg quary punctuated the life of the Wallers common for most of the 20th century. Even after the mining site was closed down in 1989, most of the former miners were called upon to take part in Claude Berri's film, Germinal. In terms of cycling, Arenberg is also known for the famous “tranchée” where Paris-Roubaix is sometimes won and often lost, since it was introduced on the course in 1968, thanks to Jean Stablinski's idea. During the 2010 Tour, the finish line of a stage including several cobbled sectors saw Thor Hushovd triumph just by the old mine.

Web sites

Stage site 1 time
149 700 inhabitants in the 39 commons of the Communauté d'Agglomération de la Porte du Hainaut including 5 600 in Wallers-Arenberg
Common and inter-communal structure of Nord (59)

Corporate social responsibility

Since it was founded, Amaury Sport Organisation has been involved in various sponsorship and philanthropy activities. It is the generosity of sport that can be found in a certain number of initiatives aiming to invest in the workings of the disciplines themselves (sponsorship of the French Federation of Cycling), in a humanitarian and social framework, (Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Actions Dakar, Un Techo Para Mi Pais) or in the environmental sphere (Madre De Dios, selective sorting, etc.). Read more


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