Friday July 25th, 2014

Stage 19Maubourguet Pays du Val d'Adour / Bergerac

Start 12h25 (Local time)

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Ramunas Navardauskas became the first Lithuanian to win a stage at the Tour de France as he claimed a solo victory in Bergerac in a crashed marred finale that took Peter Sagan down and prevented the sprinters from coming across to the last attacker who had jumped in the côte de Monbazillac. It was a well deserved victory for Garmin-Sharp after a very courageous attempt by Tom-Jelte Slagter. Despite the difficult weather conditions, Vincenzo Nibali retained the yellow jersey with no...

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Points classification leader.

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Best young rider.

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Most aggressive rider.

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Fourth overall, 15 seconds behind Thibaut Pinot and 13 seconds behind Jean-Christophe Peraud, Alejandro Valverde is confident he can make up for lost time in tomorrow's time trial.

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Taken in the crash three kilometres from the finish line in Bergerac, Romain Bardet escaped mostly unhurt and vows to fight in Saturday's time trial to retain his 5th place overall.

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"Besides the fact that it was raining, it's been a quiet stage, for sprinters. At the four kilometres mark, I've let it go and I went a little bit backwards in the peloton. It was important not to take any risk. That was the essential for me. The rain had made the finale difficult. Tomorrow, there won't be any particular risk on the course of the time trial. But I'll honour the yellow jersey, the Tour de France and my team by riding as a leader.

There hasn't been any day in the...

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Held by the collective pile-up which took place  three kilometres from the finish line, Jean-Christophe Peraud escaped unhurt and started gearing up for Saturday's 54-km time trial.

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Sprints are unique on the Tour de France and evolve as the race goes ahead. As a result, bunch sprints are not the same in the first and the third week. 

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Off the bus quotes25.07.2014

Transition stage you said?

After the Pyrenees, a lot of riders would like to believe stage 19 could be a relaxed ride. But with so much at stake for the sprinters teams or outfits yet to win a stage and hoping to go in the right break, a new tough battle is looming on the road to Bergerac.

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Alexander Kristoff emerged in the last three weeks as one of the most versatile sprinters in the bunch to hand Team Katusha two stage wins and a rather fruitful Tour de France.

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How was the first time ?25.07.2014

Alex Howes - "A crazy wild circus"

His first experience of France was not exactly a great memory. Sent to improve his cycling skills at VC La Pomme in Marseille, the Colorado rider had spent a year mostly wasting his time among hosts quite foreign to his personality and awkward sense of humour.

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The peloton will probably want to play it cool after three days in the Pyrenees and before a long 55-km time trial and what a better place to relax than Marciac at kilometer 9.5?

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Sporting stakes25.07.2014

Last occasion for attackers

It's a flattish stage to bridge the Pyrenees and the wonderful Dordogne province but with 12km to go, there's a 1.3km hill at 7.6% nearby the Monbazillac castle, built in 1550. The local vineyards delivers a sweet wine that goes with foie gras at perfection but the riders' concern will still be centered around either surviving and finishing the Tour or trying to win a stage, finally. This is the last occasion for attackers. They have to break away from far and keep a big lead as they'll get...

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Newsflashes (Local time)

17:08Top 5

1. Ramunas Navardauskas (Garmin-Sharp), 4.43.41

2. John Degenkolb (Giant), 0.07

3. Alexander Kristoff (Katusha)

4. Mark Renshaw (OPQS)

5. Daniele Bennati (Tinkoff)

17:06The winner is... Ramunas Navardauskas

Navardauskas wins stage 19 in Bergerac

17:05Navardauskas insists

Navardauskas still away with 1km to go.

17:04Sagan in a crash

Peter Sagan is caught in a crash within 3km to go. Bardet too.

17:023km to go: 20 seconds

Navardauskas still alone in the lead with 3km to go. Tinkoff now at the head of the peloton.

17:0023 seconds lead!

Navardauskas increases his lead: 23 seconds with 6km to go! He's an excellent time trialists.

16:5717 seconds lead for Navardauskas

Navardauskas has 17 seconds lead over the peloton with 8km to go.

16:55Slagter the most aggressive rider

Tom-Jelte Slagter has been awarded the most aggressive rider price of the day.

16:53Slagter first at Monbazillac

Slagter takes one point for KOM at the côte de Monbazillac. Navardauskas rejoins him and insists by himself with 13km to go.

16:51Navardauskas attacks

After Howes in the downhill, another Garmin-Sharp rider attacks in the hill in the pursuit of Slagter: Navardauskas.

16:50Kittel off the back

Marcel Kittel is dropped in the côte de Monbazillac, so John Degenkolb will be Giant's sprinter in Bergerac. Also dropped: Majka, Porte, Chavanel, Démare...

16:49Slagter at Monbazillac

TJ Slagter is still in the lead in the côte de Monbazillac

16:47Alex Howes ahead of the pack

Alex Howes has gone clear off the peloton in a slippery downhill at the pursuit of his team-mate Tom Jelte Slagter!

16:41Bakelants attacks

Bakelants attacks from the bunch with 21km to go.

16:40Only Slagter at the front

With 22km to go, Gautier, Taaramäe and Elmiger are reeled in. Only Slagter stays at the front with 43 seconds lead.

16:36Gérard back in the pack

Arnaud Gérard is the first of the five breakaway riders brought back by the peloton.

16:34Lotto and Katusha in the chase

Lotto and Katusha pull the bunch one minute behind Slagter with 26km to go.

16:3220 seconds lead for Slagter

Slagter has 20 seconds lead over his former breakaway companions with 27km to go

16:27Slagter on his own

With 32km to go, double Paris-Nice stage winner Tom-Jelte Slagter goes away solo from the front group.

16:2135km to go: 1.30

The five breakaway riders keep racing with determination. They have 1.30 lead with 35km to go.

16:20Peloton strunge out

The sprinters' teams are pulling hard with a favorable side wind. They stretch the peloton at the entrance in the Dordogne province under a torrential rain.

16:12Pascal Chanteur brought the Tour back on Indurain's road to glory's lead out man Mickaël Delage is the only rider from the Dordogne but a former pro cyclist has played an important role in bringing the Tour de France to Bergerac: Pascal Chanteur. He rode in the pro peloton from 1991 to 2001 with Toshiba, Chazal, Casino and Festina and became the president of the French pro cyclists' union. As a local politician in the town he made his home, the Parisian introduced a serious bid to host the second stage finish in the history of the Tour de France...

16:0350km to go

Cyril Gautier (Europcar), Martin Elmiger (IAM), Arnaud Gérard (Bretagne), Tom-Jelte Slagter (Garmin) and Rein Taaramäe (Cofidis) have two minutes lead with 50km to go.

16:01It rains badly again

It's again a pouring rain on the road of the Tour de France with a bit more than 50km to go. The weather conditions at the finish in Bergerac are also awful...

15:47Sagan close to his record

Shall he complete the Tour de France inside the time cut, Peter Sagan will win the points classification for the third year in just as many participations. After the intermediate sprint, he has compliled 417 points, so he's getting close to his record from 2012: 421 points.

15:421.40 with 66km to go

The time gap keeps going down slowly: 1.40

15:33Top 15

Result of the intermediate sprint at Tonneins, km 130.5

1. Martin Elmiger (IAM), 20 pts

2. Rein Taaramäe (Cofidis), 17 pts

3. Arnaud Gérard (Bretagne), 15 pts

4. TJ Slagter (Garmin), 13 pts

5. Cyril Gautier (Europcar), 11pts

6. Mark Renshaw (OPQS), 10 pts

7. Peter Sagan (Cannondale), 9 pts

8. Ji Cheng (Giant), 8 pts

9. Maciej Bodnar (Cannondale), 7 pts

10. Fabio...

15:2946km in the third hour

Thanks to the tail wind, the five leaders have covered 46km in the third hour. Average speed so far: 43.1km/h.

15:26Martin Elmiger first at Tonneins

Martin Elmiger is first on the line of the intermediate sprint at Tonneins but the five leaders haven't contested the sprint.

15:182.05 with 83km to go

With 83km to go, the time gap is down to 2.05.

15:15Kittel has a flat tyre

Marcel Kittel, one of the hot favorites today, has a flat tyre with 86km to go.

15:08Marino, Ji and Bak lead the bunch

With 92km to go, the bunch is led by Jean-Marc Marino, Ji Cheng and Lars Bak, for Cannondale, Giant and Lotto respectively, 2.40 behind the peloton.

14:43It's a tail wind

More rain is coming up on the road of the Tour but the riders enjoy a tail wind.

14:391.55 at Nérac

At Nérac, km 93, the advantage of Cyril Gautier (Europcar), Martin Elmiger (IAM), Arnaud Gérard (Bretagne), Tom-Jelte Slagter (Garmin) and Rein Taaramäe (Cofidis) is less than two minutes.

14:36Emmanuel Hubert: «It doesn't look good for the breakaway»

Questioned during the race by, Bretagne-Séché Environnement's directeur sportif Emmanuel Hubert admitted he wasn't hopeful for his rider Arnaud Gérard at the front: “For now, it doesn't look good for the breakaway”, said the Frenchman. “Sprinters are still willing to win. But we had to try anyway. We were scared that Brice Feillu [16th on GC] would suffer a lot yesterday but he seems to handle the pain from his injury. It's a good news for him and the team. We've been very...

14:31Many punctures

Due to the bad weather conditions, there are many flat tyres. Luca Paolini, Luis Maté and Fränck Schleck are among the riders forced to get a wheel change

14:282.30 at km 83

At km 83, the peloton led by Katusha, Lotto and Giant is 2.30 behind the five breakaway riders.

14:25Average speed: 41.5km/h

The five leaders have covered 40.7km in the second hour of racing. The average speed is 41.5km/h so far.

14:19Pouring rain on the road of the Tour

It rains a lot at the Tour de France today...

14:18Christian Guiberteau: «This is favourable for a bunch sprint»

Questioned during the race by France Televisions, Giant-Shimano's DS Christian Guiberteau said: “With five riders in the lead, it's a race scenario favourable for a bunch sprint finish. Cannondale was quick to ride behind the breakaway with us, Lotto did a bit too and Katusha should cooperate soon. Usually in the last stage before the time trial and Paris, it's more difficult to control the race but many teams want the same thing today. John Degenkolb has recovered from his injury. He's...

14:102.35 at Condom

At Condom, km 71.5, the time gap is 2.35

13:31Mickaël Delage: «We're focused on the GC»

Mickaël Delage ( is the local rider of the end of the stage and the only one hailing from the Dordogne province, precisely from Montpon-Ménestérol, 40km away from Bergerac. His comes from a family of wine makers, so it's no surprise that his fan-club is awaiting him at Monbazillac, where a famous sweet white wine is produced near the castle built in 1550. The president of his fan-club is his wife Emmauelle. Known as Arnaud Démare's lead out man, Delage will change role today....

13:25Cannondale leads the peloton

The peloton is led by Cannondale 3.25 behind the leading five riders.

13:2442.4km in the first hour

Gautier, Elmiger, Gérard, Slagter and Taaramäe have covered 42.4km in the first hour of racing.

13:19Riders in a storm

At km 38, the peloton is under a storm, 3.35 behind the five breakaway riders. It was cloudy but dry at the beginning of the race and it's pouring rain at the finishing town of Bergerac.

13:04Time gap: 3.05

Latest time gap: 3.05

13:01Gautier the highest ranked

Cyril Gautier is the highest ranked of the breakaway, at 57.15

12:53Giant also at the head of the peloton

Another sprinters' team is noted with Cannondale at the head of the peloton: Giant-Shimano.

12:52Cofidis hasn't won since 2008...

Fourteen of the twenty-two teams participating in the Tour de France haven't won a stage yet this year. Three of them are new at the Tour: NetApp-Endura, IAM Cycling and Bretagne-Séché Environnement. From the old ones, Cofidis has had the longest draught as their latest stage victory came with Samuel Dumoulin in stage 3 in Nantes in 2008. So it's understandable that Rein Taaramäe was a bit desperate to make it across to the breakaway today...

12:48Taaramäe in the front group

Rein Taaramäe (Cofidis) bridges the gap to the four leaders at km 16. Peloton at 2.25.

12:47Cannondale is being seen

The deficit of the peloton is 2.15 at km 15 but a Cannondale rider is noticed with Astana at the head of the pack. That means something about Peter Sagan's ambitions.


12:41Peloton at 1.45 at km 12

At km 12, the leading four riders are 1.45 ahead of the peloton.

12:40Taaramäe alone in between

Rein Taaramäe (Cofidis) is in between the leading quartet and the peloton slowly led by Astana. The Estonian is at 40 seconds.

12:381.10 at km 10

After ten kilometres of racing, Gautier, Elmiger, Gérard and Slagter have 1.10 lead over the compact bunch.

12:36Pinot back in the pack

The Pinot group is brought back by the peloton at the exit of Marciac

12:35Pinot in a counter-attack

Twelve riders are trying to bridge the gap at Marciac, km 10. One of them is Thibaut Pinot. Another one is Peter Sagan. But the peloton reacts.

12:32Slagter at the front

Tom-Jelte Slagter (Garmin) has rejoined Gautier, Elmiger and Gérard at the front.

12:31Peloton at 45 seconds

Gautier, Elmiger and Gérard are 45 seconds ahead of the peloton. Slagter is no longer in between.

12:30Three riders in the lead

Gautier is accompanied by Martin Elmiger (IAM) and Arnaud Gérard (Bretagne) at km 5. TJ Slagter (Garmin) is in between.

12:29Gautier first on the move

Cyril Gautier (Europcar) is the first attacker of the day.

12:28164 riders in action

164 riders have taken the start proper at 12.22.

12:27AG2R-La Mondiale has lost.... ten seconds

AG2R-La Mondiale lost... ten seconds from runner up Belkin Pro Cycling yesterday but their lead is still enormous: 28.33 over the Dutch squad.

12:19Pinot is a worthy leader

Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) leads the best young rider classification with 2.17 over Romain Bardet. Third placed Michal Kwiatkowski is at... more than hour (1.01.45)!

12:18Majka has also mathematically won

Rafal Majka (Tinkoff) has also mathematically won the King of the Mountains. Vincenzo Nibali is 13 points down but there are only two up for grab: one at the côte de Monbazillac today and one on Sunday.

12:17Sagan has already mathematically won

Peter Sagan (Cannondale) has mathematically won the points classification. 150 points are up for grab from Maubourguet to Paris and he's got an advantage of 155 points over runner up Bryan Coquard.

12:16Nibali on his glorious way to Paris

Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) is in the yellow jersey with an enormous advantage: 7.10 over his new runner, Thibaut Pinot. Three riders are within fifteen seconds: Pinot, Jean-Christophe Péraud and Alejandro Valverde who slipped away from the top three yesterday for the first time since stage 10.

12:15Jersey holders on the front line in Maubourguet

Classifications are pretty clear at the exit of the Pyrenees with distinctive jersey holders being Vincenzo Nibali (yellow), Peter Sagan (green), Rafal Majka (polka dot) and Thibaut Pinot (white).


Welcome to the live coverage of stage 19 from Maubourguet Pays du Val d'Adour to Bergerac (208.5km) on Only one climb is scheduled with 13km to go: côte de Monbazillac (cat. 4).


Jersey wearers after the stage 9

Classifications after the stage 9

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