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On the road

Haute-Garonne (31)

Midi-Pyrenees region
Population: 1,260,226 (2011)
Prefecture: Toulouse
Sub-Prefectures: Saint-Gaudens, Muret.
Surface: 6,309 km2
Largest town: Toulouse (Pop: 442,000)
Economy: aeronautics (Airbus), space (Arianespace), agriculture (cereales), freight.
Specialities: cassoulet, sausage of Toulouse, wines of Fronton, violet, Peteram of Luchon (tripes), garlic in Cadours.
Tourism: Toulouse (place du Capitole), spas (Luchon), winter sports (Peyragudes, Super-Bagnères), Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges.

Province de Lleida (Espagne)

Autonomous Community of Catalunya
Population: 443,032 (2010)
Capital: Lleida (Lerida)
Surface:  12,028 km2
Largest town: Lleida (Pop: 125,000)
Economy: agriculture, tourism, textiles; chemicals; food industry.
Specialities: snails, Catalan specialities.  

Hautes-Pyrénées (65)

Midi-Pyrenees region
Population: 229,458 (2010)
Prefecture: Tarbes
Sub-Prefectures: Argeles-Gazost, Bagneres-de-Bigorre.  
Surface: 4,464 km2
Largest town: Tarbes (43,000)
Economy: food industry, rail industry, tourism, spas (Bagneres, Bareges).
Specialities: Tarbais beans, onions of Trebons, garbure (soup), foie gras, gateau à la broche. Wines
Tourism: pilgrimage to Lourdes, spas (Bagneres, Bareges), ski and mountain (La Mongie),  treks to Pic du Midi, Tourmalet, cirque de Gavarnie. Baronnies.

Km 13.5 : Barbazan

Barbazan, station thermale classée © Office de Tourisme Barbazan

Population : 450 hab.

Barbazan is a preserved thermal town. The Baths, built in 1901, are set in a 4.2 ha park planted with magnificent trees, which is an invitation to strolls and walks. They are used to treat stomach, nutritional and intestinal problems thanks to waters rich in calcium and magnesium.

Jersey wearers after the stage 9

Classifications after the stage 9

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